While the classic and brilliantly sparkling diamonds are very popular as the center gemstone for an engagement ring
or wedding band, Friendly Diamonds offers a wide range of shapes, to cater to discerning styles and a variety of
different jewelry pieces. Learn about the different shapes available, from classic favourites to unique masterpieces

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  • shape-cushion princess
  • shape-cushion cushion
  • shape-emerald emerald
  • shape-oval oval
  • shape-radiant radiant
  • shape-asscher asscher
  • shape-marquise marquise
  • shape-heart heart
  • shape-pear pear

round Cut Diamond


The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, whether it is for an engagement ring or if it is meant to become a part of your diamond jewelry collection. It is timeless, classic and can be applied to many versatile styled diamond rings, and therefor has the flexibility to facilitate many tastes and style preferences. It has been created, optimized and perfected for over almost 100 years, and is considered to be of the most ideal proportions to maximize sparkle, light return and fire. Nearly 75% of all diamond engagement rings feature a round brilliant diamond.

Friendly Diamonds have the finest round brilliant cut diamonds. From those showcasing a perfect symmetry of hearts and arrows – the visual effect in a round diamond achieved by perfect angles to a variety of different round diamonds across many budgets and styles. Friendly Diamonds offers perfection – the main ingredient for a diamond engagement ring. All you have to do is discover it.


This cut and shape is more than 400 years old, but it was only in 1919 when the original round brilliant diamond was created by Russian mathematician and diamond enthusiast, Marcel Tolkowsky based on his studies on diamonds and the refraction of light.


Since round brilliant diamonds are of the highest in terms of value and beauty, select the round diamond that will maximize your requirements for the perfect diamond engagement ring.



It has 58 dazzling facets, which mean they display abundant brilliance and light.

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