Carat Education

What is Carat?
The term ‘carat’ refers to the weight of the diamond and not its size. The visual size of the diamond is often confused with the carat weight. Depending on the shape and the type of gemstone being weighed, the weight of the diamond too varies. The varying density of the gemstones has a heavy impact on its carat weight. For instance, round diamond of carat 1.00 ct will measure around 6.5 mm, whereas, sapphire diamond of 1.00 ct will measure around 6.00mm.

Total carat weight refers to the overall weight of the diamond and even the other gemstones that are a part of the jewelry.

Diamond Carat Price
Diamonds with high carat weight are cut from large rough crystals that are difficult to source in comparison to smaller crystals. The relationship between the carat weight and price thus depends on the availability and rarity of the rough crystals.

Few things to know about carat
To save on some money, opt for a carat weight that is below the whole and half-carat marks. This means that if you are thinking to purchase a 2-carat diamond ring then opt for a 1.90-carat weight ring as the slight difference will not be noticed and you will save on some money as well.

Opt for a diamond that is well cut, as it is the most important factor that helps in maximizing the sparkle. A high carat diamond with a good color and clarity will appear dull if you don’t select the right cut.

Fancy shaped diamonds are usually less expensive than round diamonds. When placed in a halo setting, fancy shapes appear larger than the actual diamond carat weight size.

The smaller the finger, the larger the diamond appears. A 2-carat solitaire ring will appear larger on ring size of 8 rather than 6.