What is the meaning of diamond cut?

Have you ever checked the reflection of a diamond? Do you see it refracting more light? If yes, then all this is due to its cut. In simple terms, the cut of a diamond is not its shape but refers to its dimensions and how well symmetrical they appear; it also refers to its surface, polish and facets that enhance the overall beauty of the diamond. A perfectly cut diamond has the ability to reflect a strong fire and brilliance. The cut of a diamond helps it transmit light and intense sparkle. The cut of a diamond has a strong impact on its overall beauty and sparkle.

A well-cut diamond displays the below characteristics
  1. Brilliance: This is nothing but the white light that reflects back from the diamond. Light enters from the table i.e. from the top of the diamond, is broken down and absorbed inside and throws back plenty of light through its facets. The light exits back through the table.
  2. Fire: It is nothing but the dispersion of the rainbow colors, reflecting back from the eye of the diamond.
  3. Scintillation: It is a sparkle that a diamond produces. With the movement of the diamond, the diamond reflects light through its facets and this play of the light you see is known as scintillation.

Characteristics of a diamond/ The Anatomy of a Diamond
  1. Table: This is the flat surface at the top of a diamond
  2. Crown: This is the top portion of the diamond, staring from table to culet
  3. Girdle: This is the point of intersection of the crown and the pavilion, defining the circumference of the diamond.
  4. Culet: This is the bottom tip of the diamond’s pavilion
  5. Pavilion: This is the lower portion of the diamond, starting from girdle to the culet.
  6. Depth: This the height of the gemstone measured from the culet to table
  7. Diameter: Measurement of one girdle edge of a diamond straight across the opposite side

Diamond cut chart
Cut is the most important characteristic of a diamond out of the four Cs i.e. clarity, color and carat. A well-cut diamond will often appear larger than a poorly cut diamond of the same carat weight, having the same color and clarity. The quality of the cut of a diamond is defined based on the brilliance, fire and sparkle it produces.

Super ideal: This type of diamond cut is of the most exacting standards; it is more proportionate and has desirable dimensions, exhibiting more light.

Ideal: This is an exquisite quality cut exhibiting a fine combination of brilliance and fire. The cut reflects all the light that enters the diamond and roughly top 3% of diamond quality.

Very Good: This cut represents roughly top 15% of diamond cut quality, nearly as much as light as the ideal cut but at a lower price.

Good: This cut represents roughly the top 25% of diamond cut quality, not reflecting much light that it enters.

Fair: This cut reflects some light while maximizing weight. It is not a brilliant quality diamond but still a quality diamond.