What Is Diamond Shape?

To put it simply, shape of a diamond refers to its physical form and appearance. Each diamond shape has a specific attribute that plays an important factor in enhancing the overall look of the ring. A perfect combination of diamond shape and ring setting looks flattering on different hand and finger shapes. While round diamonds continue to dominate people’s preferences owing to its brilliance and sparkle, many women have now started opting for fancy diamond shapes like emerald, pear, heart, asscher, prince, radiant, cushion, oval, princess and marquise shape diamonds as these shapes are too beautiful and unique options.

At Friendly Diamonds, we offer you a plethora of diamond shapes that suit your style and the diamond setting you opt for. Plus, these distinctive shapes are affordable than most round diamonds of the same carat weight. We at Friendly Diamonds also deal in lab diamonds in fancy shapes and color, which are specially crafted in a lab setting using advanced technologies that help in creating diamonds that share similar properties of natural diamonds.

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Different Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant Diamond

This is one of the most versatile and timeless diamond shapes that have been one of the popular choices for not only engagement rings but also for pendants, earrings and bracelets. Featuring over 60 facets, this diamond shape maximizes light and sparkle and is a timeless choice. Over the years, this diamond shape has proved to be timeless and versatile.

Princess Cut Diamond

This is one of the fancy shaped diamonds exhibiting brilliant fire and excellence. Featuring over 70 facets, this diamond shape is of square shape with four pointed corners.

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamond shape is an ideal choice for people looking for a round diamond but with a unique cut. This type of diamond looks bigger with its oval elongated shape. Oval diamonds are remarkably elegant and versatile.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Well known as old mine cut, cushion cut diamond is nothing but a square cut diamond with round corners. The soft round corners and large facets increase the brilliance of this diamond type. Compared to round brilliant diamonds, this type of cut has better fire, which gives it an appealing and timeless choice.

Pear Cut Diamonds

This diamond shape is a combination of round and marquise shape with a tapering point at one end. This diamond shape looks similar to an oval cut with the elongated shape that gives the fingers a slim look.

Emerald cut diamond

This is one of the fancy diamond shapes that nicely highlight the clarity of a diamond. This type of diamond is of elongated rectangular shape with step cuts and straight linear facets usually running down the stone. This type of diamond shape is available in square cut as well.

Marquise cut diamond

This type of diamond is usually long and narrow, creating an illusion of greater size. This diamond shape features dramatic pointed ends that make it appear elongated. Marquise cut diamond makes the fingers appear longer and slimmer. The cut originated in 18 th century and originated in n the court of King Louis XIV of France​ Heart shape diamond: This type of diamond shape is the ultimate symbol of love, helping the wearer get a romantic and bold look. This diamond shape is unique alternative to round and other fancy cut and is the ultimate symbol of love and affection.

How Does The Shape Of A Diamond Affect Its Price?

The shape of a diamond has a huge influence on its pricing. With its fine brilliance, sparkle and fire round diamonds are high in demand due to which its manufacturing cost too is on a rise. Because of this fancy diamonds like emerald, heart, asscher and others cost less.