how to buy an

engagement ring?

Our aim at Friendly Diamonds is to make the process of buying a perfect engagement ring as easy as possible. This guide will show you how to choose a unique engagement ring you can treasure forever.

An engagement ring is a symbol of two people’s dedication, love, and commitment to each other. Whether you choose a modern engagement ring or a more traditional ring, the ring will still represent the wonderful love that you share with your significant other.

While any ring can be considered an engagement ring, by far the most popular engagement ring contains a diamond. Of course, the sky’s the limit when it comes to finding your perfect ring. There are no rules—and that includes, what finger the engagement ring is worn on.

''Whatever feels right to you and however you want to
celebrate your relationship, we at Friendly Diamonds
have got you covered.''


step 1

SET A Budget

When selecting an engagement ring,
a great place to start is with your budget.
Deciding on a budget early helps you find the
perfect engagement ring within your price range.

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step 2

CHOOSE A Diamond

Diamonds are the classic choice for an
engagement ring. Understanding the 4 C's-cut, color,
carat weight and clarity can help you identify the diamond
that is best for your budget and ring.

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step 3

CHOOSE A Setting

Ring styles can range from halo engagement
rings to a solitaire ring, or even a custom engagement
ring so it's important that you have help in finding the
perfect setting for your partner.

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step 4


Now that you chose a budget, selected a diamond
and chose a setting, its time to finish the ring
that will speak volumes of the love you and your
significant other shares for years to come.

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step 5

What are you waiting for Time to Propose

The rest is up to you! Whichever beautiful engagement
ring you decide on, your proposal will be a meaningful
moment the two of you will cherish. Read unique ideas to
make your proposal unforgettable.

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