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At Friendly Diamonds we believe that true change not only begins from within, but also through empowerment. Not only are our diamonds conflict-free by definition, but we also aim to empower communities that suffer at the cost of earth mining processes. Friendly Diamonds donates a portion of its profits to social causes that impact the earth. Each time you purchase a conflict-free, eco-friendly Friendly Diamonds’ diamond, you along with us will be making a difference in the world. We aim to change their lives, one lab diamond at a time.


Human Rights

Our lab grown diamonds are untouched by human rights abuses which include forced labor, murder, rape, torture, child labor and all other forms of violence.


Improvement of local livelihood

All our diamonds are created in labs which offer safe and progressive working conditions. We follow fair trade practices and provide local jobs and fair wages.


Empowerment to communities

We invest in education, health care and promote long term economic development through our ethical practices of producing lab created diamonds.


Environmental protection

We produce our diamonds in state of the art labs using the best machinery in compliance to all environmental standards to protect local ecosystems and the surrounding environment.