The market need for diamonds has been abundant for years. And while its supply has fluctuated over history, its demand has been bifurcated into three main segments: industry diamonds, jewelry diamonds and investment diamonds. From a luxury item that only few could afford to a market flooded with natural diamonds of differing qualities. However, one of the most popular needs for diamonds has been to commemorate a bond of love through an engagement ring or wedding ring. Women have always been attracted to diamonds when it comes to their jewelry as well. So the market has been saturated, and it has evolved over the years.


Untouched phenomenon

The market need for lab diamonds is a new and a relatively untouched phenomenon, until now. It’s not something that has been in existence for very long. The industry only knew and functioned upon natural diamonds, or more recently synthetic diamonds. However, the concept of lab diamonds is something fresh, and different, catering to a new generation and category of diamond buyers. Diamond buyers who are ethical, morally sound and those whose values resonate with Friendly Diamonds’ core values.

Lab diamonds will appeal to those who are more conscious of their surroundings—the environment, and animal and human welfare. Our market is anyone who has morals and the right integrity to purchase a product which is devoid of any atrocity, corruption or contributes to environment degradation. For more information on the environmental impact of natural diamonds.

We at Friendly Diamonds do not believe in associating with individuals who do not share our concerns or who have unethical standpoints. We are discerning in that sense when it comes to choosing our market and customers. But what really sets us apart is our quest to educate the customer. Even if the customer is unaware about the reality of blood diamonds or the limitations of conflict free diamonds, we would like to educate them so that they make the more ethical choice and understand that lab diamonds are just as genuine as natural diamonds. For more information on blood diamonds.