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Promoting peace and ethical diamond production

At Friendly Diamonds we want to propagate the message about lab created diamonds—that it isn’t an alternative as much as it is a responsible choice. With your purchase, not only will you feel good, but you will be doing good as well. By definition lab created diamonds are conflict-free, and we go further to ensure that we use sustainable practices and are constantly pushing for a more socially responsible diamond industry. As a Friendly Diamonds customer you will directly be contributing to promoting peace and ethical diamond production. You will be making an impact on the environment with every lab created diamond you purchase. Today, with technology and sound scientific process powering us on, there is no longer a need to mine for diamonds. That is why, at Friendly Diamonds we are encouraging lab created diamonds to become the ultimate choice for one and all. Our core values are ingrained in every lab created diamond—it guides our attitude and business to work towards a world where conflict diamonds no longer exist.

Educating the consumer and raising awareness

Through education, awareness and total transparency, we seek to empower the customer’s buying decision. As an advocate of being socially responsible to diamond mining communities and the earth, we strive to provide knowledge on the social and environmental implications diamond mining has, and give the customer all the information they need about lab created diamonds to be able to make informed decisions. We don’t answer to big corporations or mining companies, our goal is to improve the quality of living for society at large. It is a customer’s choice to buy ethically. We believe in giving you this choice to support a cause that is beneficial to society and the environment. We make it possible and easy by providing you all the information you need. We ensure you will find a product that you will not only love, but one with a mission you can be proud of.

Quality precision

There are few diamonds in the world of lab diamonds that match the quality standards of Friendly Diamonds. Everything from our machinery and processes to our cutters and design team executes to a standard of pure perfection, exceeding that of a natural earth-mined diamond. Authenticity and quality are our two primary prongs of success, ensuring you sparkling masterpieces that last a lifetime, and longer. We are innovative and push our own boundaries to provide the most exquisite, ethical and scientifically-advanced lab diamonds available in the world today. Our mission is to create the highest quality and most stunning ethical, eco-friendly fine jewelry. We aim to provide the customer an affordable option which matches or exceeds the quality of an earth mined diamond without any compromise on other facets. Our vision is to create a greener, more ethical and environmentally-friendlier culture by being the leader in the finest quality laboratory created diamonds.