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Every masterpiece that comes out of the Friendly Diamonds atelier is designed to last a lifetime, and longer. In order for that to be possible, proper treatment and gentle care will go a long way. Along with each of your Friendly Diamonds purchases, we will provide a jewelry polishing cloth that you can clean the jewel and diamond with. If you want to remove any scratches that appear over time, we offer free repair services for a lifetime.

In order to make sure your jewelry keeps on sparkling and remains the treasure it is meant to be, we have a few jewelry care tips to help you. It is how you preserve and care for these masterpieces that will make all the difference.

1. Remove your diamond jewelry when performing manual tasks like kitchen work, gardening, cleaning the house, moving furniture or other strenuous tasks to prevent any physical damage and/or exposure to substances which may impact the diamond.

2. Wear your jewelry after applying makeup like cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotions. These items contain chemicals that can build up on your jewelry or precious stones, and over time cause considerable damage.

3. Avoid wearing your jewelry in the swimming pool or at the spa as the chlorine in the water can react with the metals in your jewelry causing color change or sometimes even structural damage.

4. If you indulge in any contact sports, remove your jewelry before game time begins.

5. Store your jewelry with care. Pay attention to storing each piece in isolation of the other, as sometimes contact with other jewelry can cause scratches.

6. Before you go in for a bath, remove all your jewelry. Soap can accumulate on your stones over time and cause them to appear dull or cloudy.

7. For cleaning, use the jewelry polishing cloth that Friendly Diamonds provides to you for best results. If you lose this cloth, you can use a soft towel as an alternative. Avoid using facial tissue or paper towels, as the coarse fibres in these products will scratch the surface of your diamonds and metals.

8. Clean your jewelry at regular intervals. You can purchase eco-friendly, non-toxic jewelry cleaners from any store. Make sure they are nonabrasive. Avoid bleach at all times.

9. Warm water is the best thing to use when cleaning your jewelry, as hot water may cause a reaction with the cleaning solution and that may result in a discoloration of your precious stone and metal.

10. Keep a check on your jewelry for loose stones or any other defects on a regular basis so you can address the issue before it becomes a problem.

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