Each jewelry piece designed at Friendly Diamonds lasts for a lifetime. To keep your jewelry safe and away from any dirt, we provide you with a jewelry polishing cloth that can be used to clean the jewel and the diamond. Over time, if the diamond scratches then we also offer you lifetime FREE repair service.

Refer to our list of jewelry tips to ensure that your jewelry keeps on sparkling forever.

The way you preserve your jewelry will ensure that it lasts well for lifetime.

When doing tasks like gardening, house cleaning, moving the furniture or other strenuous tasks, ensure that you remove the jewelry you are wearing to prevent it from physical damage or any exposure. The harmful substances can impact the quality of the diamond.

Wear your jewelry only after applying cosmetics, hairspray or lotion. Remember, these items consist of chemicals that can build up on your precious stones or jewelery and lead to considerable damage over a period of time.

Ensure that you don’t wear the jewelery when out for a swim or for a spa session as the chlorine water or the creams used can damage the metal and lead to a change in its color; it can also cause structural damage.

If you are a part of any sports activity that requires contact then remove the jewelry before you start the game.

Ensure that you store the jewelery well. Store each piece away from another as any friction between the pieces can lead to damage.

Before you go for shower, remove the jewelery as soap can accumulate on the stones over a period of time and make the jewelery appear cloudy or dull.

For cleaning the jewelery piece, use a jewelery polishing cloth or a soft towel. Do not use facial tissues or paper towels as the coarse fibers can lead to scratches on the surface of the diamonds and metals.

Use warm water to clean the jewelery as hot water can cause reaction and using the same with a cleaning solution can lead to discoloration of the metal and the stone. Avoid using bleach.

Regularly check your jewelry for loose stones or any other defects so you can address the issue before it becomes a problem.