“I can’t express how happy I am as I could design my own ring. I always had a perfect ring idea on paper, but it is Friendly Diamonds who helped my dream come true. They offering amazing service and right from selecting the diamond cut to the carat and even the color of the diamond, they were very helpful. I can easily flaunt the ring that was special crafted for me by the team.”

- Julia D’Souza

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- Vanessa S

“I love products that are environment-friendly. Their lab diamond rings are amazing. I really appreciate them offering lab diamonds in various cut, color, clarity and carat. Designed my own solitaire lab diamond ring and cannot be more than happy to flaunt it each day.”

- Kate Warner

“I was looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend and that’s when Friendly Diamonds helped me. Depending on her hand shape, the team guided me to create a perfect engagement ring for her. The lab diamond used to craft the ring is of superior quality and comes in fancy colors. They are a young bunch of people offering good service.”

- David John

What can I say about Friendly Diamonds. They have amazing collection of diamond rings, pendants, bracelets and pendants. What sets them apart is that their collection is exclusive and they also let you design your own proposal ring. I got a ring designed for my girlfriend from them and they left no stone unturned to help me create a superb piece. The craftsmanship is of good quality and the ring has nice detailing.

Beautiful and lovely. I purchased a solitaire ring from them and oh my god I can’t tell you how wonderful it looks on my hand. This one is a sure stunner and an absolute must buy. One can also choose the carat weight as per their liking.

What can I say about these pretty earrings? I simply love them as they add that extra sparkle to my look. Complete game changer for my face and my overall look. Too pretty for more words.

When ordering the ring, they said they will deliver in 2 days but I got delivery 2 day late. They mentioned the shipment was late. Though I did get a call saying the delivery would be late, I expected them to be a bit quick with their customer service. They really guided me well at the time of purchase. Hence, with good customer service, great delivery service is also nice.

So happy with the engagement ring my boyfriend picked up for me. The sparkle and the quality of the ring are too good. We both are very pleased with their good service and were happy to get the ring delivered before time.