At Friendly Diamonds, we’re committed to ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free jewellery purchase experience.

We ship in 30 counties
We offer fast, secure and free shipping in countries like:

Insured and safe packaging
Big or small, we insure all the products you order and trust us, no one would ever be able to know what’s inside it.

You can trust us
We will deliver to your confirmed physical address and will ask for your signature Trusted shopping partners
We ship the orders via our trusted and renowned delivery partner-FEDEX AND Belgium Post Service.

Points to note: Our estimated delivery time does not include the time it will take for local customs to release international orders. All international orders are subject to the laws set forth by the concerned country’s Customs Department

Track your order
We make it easy for you to know how soon you can expect the delivery of your product. Once your order is shipped, we provide you with a tracking number for you to track the product. Also, you can directly track your order online using Friendly Diamond’s track now service.

Planning a gift?
If your Friendly Diamonds purchase is meant to be a gift for someone and you want us to keep it a surprise, we can ship your order to the desired location—just make a reference in the customer notes section at checkout.

VAT charges
All taxes within the European Union will be prepaid. Outside the European Union, the customer would be responsible to pay any duty or custom charges, if applicable, at the time of entry into your country. You can contact your local Customs Department with any questions you may have regarding the release of your order. VAT will apply to all sales within the European Union. For those sales outside the European Union, they will need to be paid at the time of import into their respective countries based on their policies.

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