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Thursday, Apr 25 2024

Why Should You Choose Sustainable Jewellery?

Written by Rachael Fernandes

Why Should You Choose Sustainable Jewellery?

We all know that each one of us, at least once in our life must’ve worn a piece of jewellery. Often times in every romantic relationship, jewellery acts as an adoration and commitment symbol for both partners. There is nothing wrong with choosing ethical jewellery for your romantic relationship. You may express your sentiments and emotional attachment to your fiancee or girlfriend by gifting jewellery.

Before you use sustainable jewellery as your love signature, you should understand why this type of jewellery has gained global recognition. We will have a thorough discussion to clear up any confusion you may have about sustainable jewellery.

Well, with that being said let us get started on this journey where we help you explore sustainable jewellery; the essential facts about them, and why you should make it your priority when selecting jewellery. 

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Differences Between Ethical and Sustainable Jewellery

Well, ethical and sustainable jewellery; they are no different from each other. We believe that they are two sides of the same coin as Heads or Tails. Ethical jewellery is defined as jewels that are made in improved working conditions for workers while adhering to all legislation and criteria for sourcing and manufacturing. Furthermore, these contain traceability of jewellery pieces that do not contribute to any harmful practices.

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While on the other hand, sustainable jewellery has been recognised for leaving a less environmental imprint and contributing to biodiversity. This type of jewellery is made with environmental considerations in mind. Manufacturers of sustainable jewellery make every effort to have as little impact on the environment as possible, right from sourcing to shipping it to the customers. 

How Sustainable Jewellery is Made? 

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Sustainable jewellery is manufactured from recycled metals and materials without causing harm to the ecosystem or the environment. Furthermore, modern jewellery retains the same high-quality as conventional jewellery. Lab grown diamonds are commonly utilised in ethical jewellery making due to their reduced environmental impact and similar structure to mined diamonds.

Instead of using electricity, unique ethical jewellery is made with solar and renewable energy. This indirectly decreases the weight of the electrical supply and reduces the amount of coal needed for mining. That is why ethical jewellery incorporates solar and renewable energy sources.

When discussing the metals used in the sustainable jewellery production process, they are refined and pure, which enhances the beauty and value of the jewellery piece. Refined gold is a metal that has been recycled by melting existing gold without losing any of its properties or features.

This method minimises the weight of gold mining in mines while also lowering the dangers of unethical behaviours, which directly invite hazards for human civilization. As a result, sustainable jewellery contains purified and recycled gold.

Are They Available in The Market? 

Sustainable jewellery includes different types of jewellery from engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Meanwhile, you might choose a wedding necklace that is produced from ethical lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are generally utilised to create ethical and sustainable jewellery for men and women.

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It is up to you to pick this type of jewellery to commemorate love and affection moments while minimising environmental impact and taking satisfaction in giving ethical jewellery to your loved one. You may pick similar quality to traditional jewellery, but sustainable and ethical jewellery prioritises eco-friendliness, which directly helps to a better environment.

With that being said you might have this question in your mind what jewellery styles can you shop? 

  1. Engagement Rings

Are you planning to propose to the love of your life, then we suggest going with an engagement ring made from recycled metals can be a great choice because your ring will not only be special but also Earth-kind. These rings come in a variety of forms, including halo, vintage, three stone, solitaire, side stone and Toi et Moi. 

You may choose the carat weight of lab grown diamonds for engagement rings based on your budget and your partner’s preferences.

  1. Earrings

Diamond earrings are renowned for their sparkling appearance and elegant appeal to the wearer. However, with ethically sourced and created diamond earrings, you could offer more value and an emotional touch to your love partner because they never create any conflict for the human civilization. 

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As a result, you may give these diamond earrings to your loved one as a birthday, wedding, or engagement anniversary gift. You can either go for a simple pair of classic stud earrings or you can go with a pair of hoop earrings for some additional flair. 

  1. Necklaces

When going for a necklace made from ethically grown lab diamonds you can select solitaire necklaces or tennis necklaces. If you are going with a solitaire necklace as your choice it is a fantastic choice for ethically produced lab grown diamonds and metal hues. A solitaire necklace is a great choice for everyday wear.

On the other hand, a tennis necklace features a line of diamonds that rests on your neck with glistening and shimmering stones. This necklace is a good pick if you are going to attend an event or for special occasions. 

  1. Bracelets

Bracelets as pieces of jewellery are considered a charm and enhance the wearer's attractiveness. Men buy tennis bracelets for their wives because the design is attractive and flattering to ladies. A bracelet composed of ethical diamonds and a procedure that honours the wearer while also protecting natural resources.

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The ethical diamond bracelet jewellery is available in a variety of metals, including silver, gold, and platinum. The metal is produced using a recycling process, which eliminates the need for mining and results in a polished, uniform look.

Shop For a Friendlier Tomorrow! 

As we are towards the end of this article, we would like to highlight one thing and that is when you shop for jewellery that is sustainable and ethical pieces of jewellery made from Earth-kind lab diamonds you are taking a step towards a future that is green and kind. With jewellery like this, you are shaping the world around you for a better tomorrow.

So, what else are you waiting for, Shop with Friendly Diamonds for a Friendlier Tomorrow, because every piece that we craft is as kind as you are!