Friendly Diamonds offers a variety of payment methods for purchasing diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, and other diamond jewelry to provide a flawless and hassle-free buying experience. All prices at Friendly Diamonds are in US dollars.

Credit Card & Debit Card

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as other major credit cards & debit cards. If your payment fails, your order shall be automatically canceled. You shall also be notified accordingly about the payment failure. The failure may happen due to insufficient funds in your bank account or if the amount charged exceeds your credit limit. Please get in touch with your bank in case your payment is rejected and try again once your bank approves the transaction.


You can use your debit and credit card information to checkout and pay securely on PayPal. You can also log into your PayPal account to complete your order transaction. PayPal offers short-term, interest-free, monthly payments and other special financing options that buyers can use to Buy Now and Pay Later. Pay Later offers are included with PayPal Checkout at no additional cost.

Get a free PayPal guarantee when you buy on & checkout on PayPal. Get authentic certified diamonds and jewelry; or get your 100% money back via PayPal.

Affirm Monthly Payments

Affirm Financing lets you choose multiple monthly repayment plans with rates starting as low as 0% APR for well qualified buyers.

The process is simple, quick and easy. All you have to do is fill out your basic information to receive a real time decision on the amount of financing you are approved for. You will know up front the amount you’ll owe, with absolutely no hidden costs.

Offer is subject to credit check and approval. Minimum monthly payments are required. This financing option is only available to customers in the US. Your rate will be based on credit and is subject to an eligibility check. Options are based on your purchase amount and there might be a requirement for a down payment.

Apply Online
-Add your desired jewelry to your cart.
-Apply for financing at checkout for real-time approval.
-Choose your payment plan and complete your purchase.

For more information visit the Affirm Payments website.


Pay for purchases with an existing credit card by splitting costs into interest and fee-free monthly payments without additional registrations or applications with SplitIt. You can opt for an interest-free monthly payment after checkout while selecting the payment method.

How Does it work?
-Pay during the course of 2, 3, 4 or 6 months | No fees | 0% interest
-The first month’s installment is charged to your credit card. To ensure all debts are paid off, the entire purchase amount is held in reserve on your card at no cost.
-Your credit card will be charged monthly, and the same amount will be deducted from your credit line hold.
-Monthly payments will appear on your credit card statement, but the remaining amount on hold will not show up as debt.

To be eligible, you will need to provide :
-A valid credit card (VISA or MasterCard)
-Sufficient funds on your card to cover the entire purchase

For more information, please visit the SplitIt website.

Bank Wire

All bank wire payments across the USA enjoy a 2% discount pre-tax on their cart value. Once a bank wire order is placed, an email with the details of the wire transfer information is sent to your registered email ID. Upon making the wire transfer, we request you send an email to [email protected] with the payment receipt. Your bank may take a few days to process the bank wire. You will receive an order confirmation email once we have received the payment at our end. Please note that your order will only be processed once the payment is received. The shipping timeline for the order starts from the date of payment received.

Our bank wire details are mentioned below:
Company Name: Friendly Diamonds Inc
Address: 20 W 47th St, Suite #716, New York, NY 10036
Bank: Chase Bank
Account Number: 713905039
Routing Number: 021000021

Please note that a wire transfer and an ACH transfer are different. Friendly Diamonds also accept ACH transfers.

Accrue Savings

Earn cash rewards towards your Friendly Diamonds’ purchase when you save up with Accrue Savings, a credit-free payment option.

How Does it work?
-Sign up for an Accrue Savings account in just a few minutes.
-Choose how much you want to save up for and set up a savings plan with recurring deposits. Your money is always secure and you can make adjustments to your plan
whenever you need to.
-As you make progress towards your goal, you’ll earn cash rewards towards your purchase.
-Want to reach your goal faster ? Make one-time deposits or invite friends and family to contribute via crowdfunding.

To be eligible, you will need to be able to :
-Provide bank account information to set up deposits to your savings plan.
-Verify that you are a US resident (Accrue is only available in the US at this time).

For more information visit the Accrue Savings website.

Telephonic Payment

A Friendly Diamonds executive will contact you within 24 hours to assist you with this payment method. The executive will assist you with required details and links to make the payment, as per your preference. The shipping timeline for the order starts from the date of payment received. Please remember that the order will be confirmed and processed only when the payment is received.

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