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Diamond Engagement Ring Inspirations For Women

At Friendly Diamonds, many of our lab-grown diamond engagement rings for women can be customized with different diamond shapes and carat sizes. You can also customize with various metal alternatives to create a ring that's truly unique and matches your personality. Get inspired by our customer’s recent creations as seen in this regularly updated catalog and design a similar engagement ring using their ideas.

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Dakota Criss Cross Diamond Ring

3.1ct | Oval | VS2 | F

Alfreda Half Eternity Diamond Ring

1.34ct | Heart | VS2 | D

Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Ring

0.58ct | Round | VS1 | F

Claire Full Eternity Diamond Ring

3.2ct | Oval | VS1 | G

Venetia Half Eternity Diamond Ring

4.6ct | Round | VVS2 | H

Mereia Secret Halo Diamond Ring

0.9ct | Round | VS1 | D

Claire Full Eternity Diamond Ring

0.67ct | Round | VS2 | E

Teagan Solitaire Diamond Ring

7.09ct | Round | VS1 | F

Women's Diamond Engagement Rings

Are you ready to swiftly get on your knees and ask your darling love if they want to be yours forever? Yes? Well, so are we! That is why Friendly Diamonds presents you with our stunning and gorgeous collection of lab diamond engagement rings for women that will steal your beloved's heart and will also make them say a big "YES!"

You are definitely looking for an engagement ring for your woman that will capture your beloved’s eyes and bewitch her soul. This is exactly the reaction we want to elicit in your partner, which is why Friendly Diamonds is proud to present to you some of our carefully crafted and lovingly created engagement rings for women that are fit for the greatest love story of all time.

Engagement rings have stolen the hearts of all those who love and want to be loved by someone special for the rest of their lives. Such a kind of devotion and adoration can only be packed in a lab grown engagement ring. Therefore, our talented jewelry experts have created eye-capturing designs. In our stunning collection, you can find a classic four prong solitaire ring that helps the diamond reflect its light with utmost brilliance. Next, many people love the intricate beauty of the halo style rings, as the smaller diamonds encircling the center stone make it appear larger than its actual size. But if your darling is someone who admires the aesthetic beauty of the olden days and wants to shine bright with a vintage-inspired ring, then we have got you covered! Our vintage-inspired ring is adorned with the delicate details of filigree and milgrain—the ones that you see royalty wear. Apart from these styles of rings, our collection has an innovative yet every-so-trendy chevron style ring.

All our engagement rings for women are preset with diamonds of various carat weights, clarity, color, and cut. So, if you and your partner are the kind of individuals who love to browse through as many options as possible, you are definitely going to find them in our stunning collection. Additionally, when you opt for a lab diamond engagement ring, you support the environment by making an eco-friendly and ethical choice. We know how much the mined diamond industry is riddled with problematic issues like deforestation, human rights exploitation, emission of green gases, etc. However, when a lab grown diamond is produced at Friendly Diamonds, it is done through the high-tech facilities in our advanced laboratories. The laboratories work on renewable energies so that we save on fossil fuels for our planet.

So whether you’re looking for engagement rings for women that is simple yet timeless or a piece that is glamorous, we implore you to explore our collection to find one of the most important and sentimental pieces of jewelry.