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Friendly Diamonds has been founded on the premise that with the advent of modern technology and innovation, to create a new business model catering to a more ethical approach in the world of diamonds, diamond rings and jewelry. Our mantra has always been, to not only grow big, but to grow smart. Not only to be the best in the business, but also the brightest.

The inception of lab diamonds

Until a few years ago, it was still considered something extremely sought after, technologically that is, to be able to create gemstone-quality diamonds, that are exactly the same in structure, composition and quality, if not better, in a laboratory. Scientists have been researching towards this goal since the 1950s, but with limited success: which include under-carat and industrial grade diamonds used largely in cutting tools due to the hardness of the stone. But they were never high enough in quality to satisfy the requirements for diamond engagement rings, wedding bands or to create exquisite jewelry.

Becoming a part of the lab diamond world

As research was further refined, and the introduction of the concept of lab diamonds came to fore, we at Friendly Diamonds were instantly attracted, as the concept of lab diamonds resonated with our ethical values. Having been a part of the diamond industry for so many years, we were not alien to its shortcomings and harsh reality. From blood diamonds to corruption, the drawbacks of the Kimberley Process to rigorous working conditions, from detriment to the environment to consumer ignorance—the diamond industry has been in peril for only too long. To know more about Blood Diamonds and its impact on the diamond industry.

The Friendly Diamonds ambition was to create an industry wherein the production of diamonds for engagement rings, wedding rings and bands and jewelry would not only be of the highest in standards of quality, but also the most ethically sound, outcompeting the rest in the world of diamonds while offering never heard of before price points. The mission was to create a more transparent, ethical and sustainable industry where everyone, especially the consumer, would benefit.

Having identified this need and realizing the limitless possibilities of the lab diamond industry, we decided we had to shift course. Our inherent desire to educate the consumer become our priority. We went from providing natural diamonds to lab diamonds, going from a B2B to B2C operation, to give consumers a chance to be fully aware of their product, its origins, its quality assurance, and purchase diamonds for their engagement, wedding or jewelry from a source that bought from no one else, and were self-sufficient in every sense of the word. We wanted to pass the advantage of no middle man onto the consumer, so that they could fully benefit. And we wanted to impart knowledge so consumers could make fully informed decisions and change the perception of the industry as we all know it.