2 Carat Diamond Rings – Recently Purchased

Modern couples opt for 2 carat diamond engagement rings as they get a far more brilliant diamond cut that appears larger than lower carat stones. Diamonds of this carat weight make a good statement and have a stunning sparkle, which is perfect to symbolize the seal of eternal love. Explore the customer-created ring catalog below, filled with a range of 2 ct diamond rings to inspire your design.

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Alora Six Prong Solitaire Ring

2.73ct | Round | VS2 | F

Lyla Hidden Accents Solitaire Ring

2.2ct | Radiant | VS1 | I

Grace Micro Pavé Eternity Ring

2.74ct | Round | VS1 | G

Intricacy Three Stone Diamond Ring

2.02ct | Cushion | VS2 | G

customer purchased undefined

Charm Of Love Eternity Diamond Ring

2.21ct | Marquise | VVS2 | G

Edith Diamond Studded Petite Solitaire Diamond Ring

2.41ct | Oval | VS1 | G

Phoebe Twigs Diamond Ring

2.22ct | Pear | VVS2 | F

Intricacy Three Stone Diamond Ring

2.78ct | Round | VVS2 | E

2 Ct Diamond Rings

2 carat diamond engagement rings are a sight to behold. They are the kind of rings that everyone wants to own because not only does an engagement ring with a 2 carat diamond give off a brilliant shine, but it is also a practical choice for those who are working professionals and can’t wear too big of a gem. A 2 carat lab diamond ring is the most requested carat weight among our customers.

There are many interesting qualities about a two carat engagement ring. But let’s first clear out something: carat is a measure of diamond weight. This means that different diamond shapes will hold their carat weight differently. Different diamond cuts measure differently and also look different, despite all of them being of the same weight. While choosing a two carat ring, you must decide which diamond cut you want to select.

A round cut diamond is a classic choice for an engagement ring and looks stunning with almost every kind of ring. Princess cut gems are a more affordable alternative to round cut diamonds and give off a vintage look. Oval cuts, favorites of many people, appear larger and can get you a big look for your bucks. Emerald and Asscher, both step-cut diamonds, have geometrical and symmetrical shapes that give you a spectacular hall of mirrors look that is gorgeous to stare into. You can also choose a radiant or cushion cut lab diamond for your ring. Similar to ovals and other oblong-shaped diamonds, marquise also appears larger compared to other diamond cuts of 2 carats. Lastly, the pear shaped diamond is a cross between a marquise and a round and gives off a beautiful look.

You can find diamonds of these cuts set in engagement ring settings that are inspired by our customer’s creations. The settings of the rings are the center of attention and will steal your heart! Friendly Diamonds understands how sentimental and important an engagement ring is for a couple. Hence, keeping that in mind, we have created some of the most enchanting ring settings.

From simple and traditional yet elegant solitaire ring to intricate vintage-inspired beauties, our collection boasts several designs that one can’t take their eyes off. Along with being ravishing in appearance, a two carat lab diamond engagement ring will not only be your step toward contributing to a cleaner environment but will also be available at a reasonable price.

So, do not wait and choose a two carat lab diamond engagement ring that will reflect your love for your partner and will also shine with extreme sparkle!


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