3 Carat Diamond Rings – Recently Purchased

3 carat diamond rings are fascinating jewelry pieces that rest comfortably on the finger with a large diamond drawing everyone's attention. A diamond of this carat weight captures the heart of those who receive it and stuns all who look at it. Such is the fire, sparkle, and brilliance of these gems! Discover our 3 ct diamond rings in elegant designs from this customer-created ring catalog to create the ring of your dreams.

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Dakota Criss Cross Diamond Ring

3.1ct | Oval | VS2 | F

Claire Full Eternity Diamond Ring

3.2ct | Oval | VS1 | G

Venetia Half Eternity Diamond Ring

3.29ct | Princess | VS1 | H

Kylie Eternity Diamond Ring

3.18ct | Heart | VS1 | H

Kylie Eternity Diamond Ring

3.16ct | Oval | VVS2 | E

customer purchased undefined

Caitronia Floating Side Stones Diamond Ring

3.12ct | Round | VVS2 | F

Madison Three Stone Side Baguette Diamond Ring

3.03ct | Round | VVS2 | F

Six Prong Solitaire Diamond Ring

3.6ct | Marquise | VS1 | E

3 Ct Diamond Rings

A three carat lab diamond engagement ring stands out from any other type of ring and makes a beautiful statement. You must be pleasantly startled by the image when you imagine a three-carat diamond in a beautiful engagement ring setting. This is because a 3 carat lab diamond engagement ring combines size, functionality, and aesthetics.

In a three carat engagement ring, the center stone roughly weighs 600mg. This is considered a “dream size” for couples who want to go a little overboard with their diamond without completely emptying their pockets. While a three carat diamond is part of the ‘big rock’ club, it does not necessarily mean that a diamond’s appearance is solely established by its carat weight. Various factors, like the diamond’s cut and quality, affect the appearance of a diamond. For instance, if a diamond has more depth, it may look smaller as you can’t really see the depth from the face-up angle. Similarly, a diamond can look larger if it has more width as the carat weight spreads out. Hence, you may want to choose a diamond that has larger surface area.

This is why choosing a fancy-shaped diamond can give you more bang for your buck. Anything other than the round brilliant cut diamond is considered a fancy-cut gem. Take an oval; for instance, a three carat diamond engagement ring can look 20% larger than a three carat round cut ring. Elongated shapes like marquise, emerald, radiant, or oval, can become your top choice for engagement rings. To further amplify their sparkle, you can browse through our collection of customer-inspired creations.

Our customers have always inspired us to create designs that invoke a feeling of romance and luxury. Hence, we have curated a list of thoughtfully crafted and carefully created pieces. You can find three carat lab diamonds set in gorgeous engagement ring settings like solitaires, halos, three stone, criss-cross, vintage-inspired, etc. However, when it comes to the best engagement ring setting for a three carat diamond, keeping it minimal is the mantra to go with. You want the diamond to be the center of attention, after all! All of our creations are priced just right so that you can own pieces that are mesmerizingly budget-friendly.

And since we want our customers to enjoy accessible luxury, we also make jewels that are ethically and eco-consciously made. Lab grown diamonds are not mined and do not give birth to the same issues that the mined diamond industry does. They are also certified by trustworthy diamond-grading institutions like the GIA and IGI.

So, why wait when you can have a beautiful three carat diamond ring right at your doorstep in just a few days? Enjoy the perks of getting free and insured shipping on all of our products.


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