Lab grown diamonds are budget-friendly, sustainable diamonds with a brilliant sparkle and shine. Our lab created diamonds for jewelry are created in state-of-the-art laboratories using renewable energy, making your pick an environmentally conscious choice. When you choose lab created diamonds from us to celebrate your special moment, you also help in safeguarding the planet by your decision.

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Diamonds come in various shapes. Take a detailed look at all the popular diamond shapes most commonly used to create lab diamond engagement rings and jewelry.

Round Cut Diamonds round

Classic brilliant round cut diamonds known for their magnificent sparkle and shine

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Oval Cut Diamonds oval

Trendy elongated diamonds shaped to perfection.

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Pear Cut Diamonds pear

Unique teardrop shaped diamonds radiating bright sparkle.

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Cushion Cut Diamonds cushion

Contemporary blend of cuts offering a timeless sophistication.

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Princess Cut Diamonds princess

Modified square brilliant cuts with an out-of-this-world-shine.

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Radiant Cut Diamonds radiant

Sparkling modern cut diamonds crafted with trimmed edges.

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Emerald Cut Diamonds emerald

Rectangular-shaped step cuts encapsulating grace and vigor.

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Heart Cut Diamonds heart

Unique heart-shaped diamonds representing eternal love.

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Asscher Cut Diamonds asscher

Vintage-styled diamonds emitting sophisticated brilliance.

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Marquise Cut Diamonds marquise

Unique and graceful diamond cuts crafted with a vintage aesthetic.

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What is a lab diamond ?

What is a lab diamond ?

Lab grown diamonds are grown in state-of-the-art laboratories using advanced technology that emulates natural diamond-growing procedures. Lab diamonds and mined diamonds are optically the same as they have the same chemical structure and composition. Even a trained eye would need help to differentiate between the two.

Shopping for a lab grown diamond is a wise, ethical, and ecological decision as you play your part in saving the planet while also obtaining a 100% conflict-free gemstone. Sustainable, eco-friendly, and well within budgets; these features make lab diamonds the future of the diamond industry!

Lab Grown Vs. Natural Diamond

Natural diamonds form under the earth's mantle through intense heat and pressure over billions of years. In contrast, lab diamonds are grown in advanced laboratories using cutting-edge technology as a sustainable and 100% conflict-free alternative.

World-renowned diamond certification institutions like IGI and GIA grade both these types of diamonds based on factors such as their cut, color, clarity, and carat. While both diamonds are equally durable and rate 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, lab created diamonds are priced better than natural diamonds and can cost up to 90% less.

  • Source
  • Chemical composition
  • Conflict-free
  • Hardness (Mohs)
  • Time taken to grow
  • Price
Mined Dimaond
  • Mined Diamond
  • Source:Exists naturally
  • Chemical composition Carbon
  • Conflict-free No
  • Hardness (Mohs) 10
  • Time taken to grow Hundreds of years
  • Price $$$$
Lab grown diamond
  • Lab grown diamond
  • SourceLab created
  • Chemical composition Carbon
  • Conflict-free Yes
  • Hardness(Mohs) 10
  • Time taken to grow 30 to 40 days
  • Price $$
Diamond Certification

Diamond Certification

Lab grown diamonds undergo a grading and certification system just like mined stones. These are graded by independent diamond certification labs based on their cut, clarity, color, and carat (the 4C’s). The Friendly Diamonds’ lab created diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and International Gemological Institute (IGI).

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How are lab diamonds made

How are lab diamonds made ?

To know how lab diamonds are created or how lab diamonds are grown, you must first understand how mined diamonds are formed. When exposed to heat and pressure, carbon dioxide forms into diamonds inside the earth's core and is transported to the earth's top layers through volcanic eruptions.

Lab grown diamonds are created by emulating these natural conditions of the earth through advanced technological processes like HPHT and CVD.

What are lab diamonds made of?
How are HPHT lab grown diamonds made?
How are CVD lab grown diamonds made?
How long do lab grown diamonds take to be made?

4 C’s Of A Lab Grown Diamond

At Friendly Diamonds, we believe that knowing your diamond is essential before making its purchase. The 4C’s help you understand the main characteristics of your diamond (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat) and are used by grading institutions for assessing its quality.

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4 C’s Of A Lab Grown Diamond


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