Engagement Ring Guide

how to buy anengagement ring ?

Our aim at Friendly Diamonds is to make the process of buying a perfect engagement ring as easy as possible. This guide will show you how to choose a unique engagement ring that you can treasure forever.

how to pick an engagement ring ?

An engagement ring is a classic and timeless representation of love. It is a symbol that signifies the love you share with your dearly beloved. It should resonate with your partner, speak to his or her heart, and be the perfect match that pairs well with his or her personality and style.

But choosing the perfect engagement ring is not always easy. While you may consider your engagement ring to be of any type, there is no surprise that diamond engagement rings are the most popular of all engagement rings.

Diamonds, as it is said, are forever. It is the perfect gemstone known for its strength, resilience, durability, and sparkling shine. They have all the qualities that describe true and timeless love. And represent all that makes each love unique, considering how every diamond is unlike each other. They are the most traditional gemstone used on engagement rings and continue to be the choice of modern couples today. So if you’re going to shop for an engagement ring choosing a diamond ring is the perfect pick.

At Friendly Diamonds, we understand the importance of your proposal moment. It is a landmark moment in your life and requires you to find the perfect engagement ring. We aim to make your engagement ring shopping experience the easiest. Keeping this goal in mind, we have crafted the perfect engagement ring guide that guides you when choosing an engagement ring that you and your partner shall cherish for life.

Set a budget
Step 1

Set A Budget

Your proposal/engagement moment is one of the most significant moments of your life. It is wise to consider how much you'd like to spend on your engagement ring by setting a budget so that you have a certain point to start from when considering your ring choices.

Your budget will guide you in determining the type of ring metal, ring setting, and diamond shape best for you within your budget range. Hence the first step on how to pick your engagement ring is first to set a budget so that you're ready with a number in mind when making your engagement ring purchase.

You'd be happy to know that you'll be saving a lot of money on your purchase as lab diamonds are both eco-friendly and sustainable and priced better than mined diamonds.

But we still recommend setting your budget first to make your shopping experience a far more easy and stress-free experience by finding a ring in your price range.

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Step 2

Choose A Setting

A ring setting is one of the most essential features you should pay attention to when buying an engagement ring. The ring setting refers to the way the diamond engagement ring is styled. It also refers to its aesthetic appeal. Your ring setting highlights your diamond or diamonds if you decide to get more than one gem set on your ring.

With a variety of ring styles available, including halo, three stone, vintage, halo, and side stone , you can choose one that truly defines your partner's style and puts the spotlight on your diamond precisely the way you desire.

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Choose a setting

Step 3

Choose A Diamond

Diamonds, as mentioned earlier, are an absolute classic choice for engagement rings. Understanding the diamonds' 4C's, i.e., cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, is the best way to identify the perfect diamond within your budget for your engagement ring. The 4C's are part of the diamond certification process and are precisely what makes every diamond unique. The better you understand them, the easier your diamond engagement purchase shall be.

You will also soon realize that diamonds come in many shapes. Diamond shapes include brilliant round, princess, cushion, emerald, marquise, oval, radiant, heart, pear, and asscher cuts. There is a diamond shape for everybody; for those who are inspired by fashion from the timeless vintage era and for those who love elegance and trends of the modern times.

With such an eclectic choice presented before you at Friendly diamond you are sure to pick a diamond that is an extension of your partner's personality and have him/her saying Yes!

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Step 4

Complete Your Ring

So you planned your budget, chose your diamond and picked a ring setting. Now it is time to complete your ring.

Adding a personal touch to your ring is a great way to add a finishing touch to complete it. It could be an engraving with a special message or the date on when the both of you first met inscribed on the inner side of the ring. It makes your engagement much more special.

We’d also like to add to this guide that it is essential to know your partner’s ring size. You can get to know of it by measuring a ring that your partner already owns or doing so with a ring sizer guide. You can also add a matching band to it to have a lovely sparkling pair of rings.

Completing your ring is the final step in creating your very own engagement ring, but it is the beginning of a whole new life with your beloved when he or she sets eyes on it and accepts you as a partner for life.

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What are you waiting for? Time to Propose
Step 5

What are you waiting for? Time to Propose

With a ring you cherish, all that remains for you is to pop the question and ask your significant other to be your one and only!

You may have created a vintage-style ring crafted with yellow gold. Or perhaps an ultra-modern white gold ring with the trending oval diamond, or maybe an amalgamation of the classic and contemporary with a radiant cut diamond on a rose gold metal band; whichever you pick, it is a unique representation of the love the both of you share.

And when you have a beautiful ring to present, it is only fair that you plan a proposal that'll be a moment always to remember. It's up to you to create this moment and make it the best day ever.

Read our unique ideas to make your proposal unforgettable, having your partner gleaming with a smile while you place the ring around his or her finger.

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We’d like to end by saying that when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands there are a variety of ring styles and precious metals to choose from. And as long as you know all there is to know about your partner when it comes to his or her style, fashion sense and personality, you’re sure to find the perfect ring that is a true symbol of your love by following this guide crafted to make your engagement ring purchase a simple, easy and beautiful experience.

So get on with your special surprise and create your engagement ring today!