Find Your Ring Size

When buying an engagement ring for your loved one, it is important that you know her ring size. Choosing a wrong ring size can definitely destroy the idea of a ‘perfect proposal’. But if you know the ways and means of finding your partner’s ring size then following the below steps can be of great help. Here is how you can find the perfect ring for her or yourself too.

How to know the size of your engagement ring?

Your engagement ring should be easy to wear; you should be able to wear the ring with ease and even remove it comfortably. It should also fit your fingers comfortably and not fall off. Therefore, it is necessary that you pick a size that fits well. With this, it is also imperative that you know that the size of your ring finger changes based on pregnancy, temperature, diet and other biological impact. The shape of your finger too can have a big impact on the size of the ring. The shape of your finger too can have a huge impact on your finger size. In case of tapered fingers, the ring should fit in well and not easily fall off. The width of the band too is important. Bands that are thick have a good fit, whereas thinner bands tend to fall off. The presence of metal around the fingers occupies more space, which makes it appear tight. Thin ring size of 5 will not fit the same as that of thick ring size of 5.

How To Measure Ring Size At Home?

You can put the below methods to use to measure your ring size.

  • cut-paper

    Use a paper or string

    Cut a strip of paper, approximately sized 3/4-inch wide and 4 inches long.

  • hand

    Wrap the paper around the base of the ring finger and do a marking on the size where the paper overlaps

  • mark

    The length of the paper you measure in millimeters is the circumference of your finger

  • Use a conversion chart online to find the ring rize corresponding the measurement

Supplier Size EU UK US FR
5151K 1/25.551
5757P 1/2857
6262T 1/29.7562
6969 Z12.568

Measure a ring you already own

  • Measure the diameter of the ring you already own using a ruler

  • ruler
  • Measure the ring from edge to edge placing it straight

  • Take the measurement of the diameter in millimeters and use the measurement- conversion chart to find your ring size

46,1 mm 46 G 1/2 14,75 3,75
47,4 mm 47 I 15,25 4,25
48,0 mm 48 I 1/2 15,5 4,5
49,0 mm 49 J 1/2 15,75 5
49,9 mm 50 K 16 5,25
51,2 mm 51 L 16,25 5,75
51,5 mm 52 L 1/2 16,5 6
53,1 mm 53 M 1/2 17 6,5
54,0 mm 54 N 1/2 17,25 7
55,0 mm 55 O - 7,25
56,3 mm 56 P - 7,75
56,6 mm 57 P 1/2 18 8
57,8 mm 58 Q 1/2 18;5 8,5
59,5 mm 59 R 1/2 19 9
60,1 mm 60 S 19,25 9,25
61,4 mm 61 T 19,75 9,75
62,1 mm 62 T 1/2 20 10
63,3 mm 63 U 1/2 20,5 10,5
64 mm 64 v - 10,75
65,2 mm 65 w - 11;25

Other Measure Tips

How To Measure Your Partner’s Ring Size?

If you are planning a surprise proposal for your significant other, then it is best to follow the below tips to find your partner’s ring size.

When to measure ring size at home?

Believe it or not, but measuring your ring size during specific conditions and time of the day has a huge impact. Before measuring your ring size, it is important that you avoid eating salty foods, sipping hot cocktails or perform any strenuous activity as they can lead to swelling in your fingers. Fingers also tend to swell when you first wake up, therefore, it is imperative that you measure the ring size in the middle of the day.