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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

His and Her Promise Rings: Perfect for Couples

Written by Karen Dunn

His and Her Promise Rings: Perfect for Couples

Unlike an engagement ring that represents the promise of marriage, a promise ring is meant to signify commitment between two people who are seeing each other. It indicates that the couple has leveled up from the dating phase and wants to be committed to each other. When you have a partner and share a bond, you hope it’ll last forever. This is precisely where a promise band or ring comes in with a great promise to take the relationship to the next level and be together.

The ring symbolizes an upgrade in your relationship. You and your partner are no longer just dating. The both of you have arrived at a significantly stronger space in your relationship where you both have a deeper emotional and spiritual connection. His and her promise rings adorned by both men and women are incredibly adorable as partners choose matching rings for couples. But what do they signify? On which finger is this ideal couples' jewelry worn? And how do you choose one? Read more to find out.

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The Significance of Promise Rings

Ideally, the promise rings in its simplest sense is meant to tell the world that your heart has been taken. You and your beau are strongly linked with a promise to start a new phase in your relationship. It is a ring that represents hope and the development of the future relationship, yet it doesn't assure a marriage like an engagement ring. It dangles as a pre-proposal event in the flow of your romantic relationship.

Essentially, it can represent the stage just before an engagement, especially a proposal. That is to say, the promise ring for some couples is an advancement in their relationship. Hence, promise rings for couples are a perfect symbol of a long-lasting relationship. For some couples, this ring set promises the purity of fidelity and loyalty. The ring becomes an ornament that stands as a mark of their love.

Significance of Promise Rings

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When one thinks of a promise ring for couples, it is unavoidable to wonder what it stands for and the meaning it holds for an individual in the relationship. Popularly, the celebrated American star singer Joe Jonas had spoken about his experience with promise rings. For him and his brothers, this ring jewelry symbolizes purity, a promise made to God to remain pure until marriage. However, this is more of a purity ring than a promise ring; the two are entirely distinct. While a purity ring is abstinence that has almost nothing to do with the romantic nature of fidelity, the promise ring is the perfect lover's ring as it portrays the attachment and commitment which confines the couple within their romantic relations. The ring does not set a promise for a lifetime. It only indicates dedication and devotion.

The promise ring is supposed to promote monogamy, yet it doesn't have to be worn on the same finger as the wedding ring or band. Promise rings for couples are usually subtle, with few gemstones adorned around them. Thus, when a couple feels like they are arriving at a stage where engagement and marriage are inevitable but aren't ready for an engagement ring. That's when promise rings for couples come into play.

Pick a Finger for Your Promise Ring

When thinking of promise rings for couples, people wonder which finger they should wear them on. The ideal finger to wear them on is quite similar to the engagement ring, the ring finger, on the left hand. But when it comes to promise rings, couples can wear them on the right hand too.

If this ring is exchanged under the impression of a future engagement, it is ideally adorned on the left hand. Promise rings for couples, however, can be worn on any finger. Popularly, many choose to wear the 'his and her promise rings' even on the middle finger. Some pick other innovative ways, like wearing them on a chain around the neck. Wearing it this way is a new trend for adorning promise rings for couples. Some married couples also consider wearing their rings on their right hand, pairing them with their matching wedding bands.

Promise Ring and Engagement Ring: What's the Difference?

The major difference between engagement rings and 'his and her promise rings' is that the engagement ring is worn on the left hand's ring finger. It is worn at the same spot where the wearer shall wear the wedding ring in the future. The promise ring, however, frequently settles on the same finger and can instead be placed where it is most comfortable, without any visible restraint. Significantly, the importance of an engagement ring or a promise ring for couples lies within the deep meaning of both, and it unlocks an emotion you wish to dedicate to your sweetheart. The difference between the two is that the engagement ring holds a single meaning. It depicts a marriage proposal and loyalty for life. On the other hand, the promise rings have more defined yet varied objectives.

Promise Ring and Engagement Rin

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Under romantic situations, the promise ring is a token or an implication for an approaching engagement. If your soul mate or partner has gifted you with a promise ring, perhaps they have something more planned that comes your way. A promise ring does not guarantee a marriage like an engagement ring. It does, however, affirm the commitment shared within the bond. The promise ring signifies the future of the relationship.

How to Choose Your Promise Ring

More often than not, couples might choose to purchase breath-taking rings for each other. While rings for women might have exquisite diamonds which stand out elegantly, rings for men are more plain and sleek. There is no fixed ring setting for a promise ring for couples. The desired metal and style will depend on the couple's choice. While some say that the promise ring is an old-fashioned or old-school concept, it is undoubtedly an excellent way for couples, specifically those who aren't sure of marriage, to show their commitment and devotion to the relationship. Usually, couples share promise rings along with a vow or a promise on their anniversary or birthday; popularly, many exchange promise rings for couples on Valentine's day.

Choose Your Promise Ring

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Create Your Promise Ring

At Friendly Diamonds you have the option to craft your own customized jewelry. Although an online jewelry brand popular for their engagement rings and fine jewelry, you can create your promise ring in their ‘Create Your Own’ segment by choosing a ring setting and lab diamond and even complete your ring with a personal message inscribed on the inside of the ring. It could be an inscription of the date you met your partner, or your partner’s initial, or for that matter it could be absolutely anything that means the world to the both of you.

Another great reason for you to create your ring with the brand is because the brand deals with eco-friendly lab diamonds that are certified by reputed diamond grading institutions like GIA, IGI and GCAL. All diamonds used in the jewelry are responsibly sourced, created in state-of-the art laboratories that leave a lesser carbon footprint on the planet. Since they are lab created, all diamonds are naturally 100% conflict free. The ethical gemstones are also budget-friendly making them the perfect choice when celebrating a landmark moment in your relationship.