Shop fine jewelry ranging from stud earrings, pendants, and tennis bracelets that blend with your personality, giving you a look you desire. Our lab diamond jewelry is eco-friendly with the same sparkle as mined diamond jewelry but is a far more sustainable alternative that is priced better, thus making it a budget-friendly option.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Explore our dazzling anniversary collection & pick the perfect ring to celebrate your special milestone.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Beyond Fine Jewelry

Be it a gift for your mother, friend, fiancé, or yourself; the search ends here! Our fine jewelry collection is the celebration of a woman’s eternal spirit to break barriers and achieve success in all avenues of life. Our fine jewelry is not just about looking good. It’s about looking great while wearing sustainable and ethical jewelry pieces that elevate your personality beyond fashion.

Curated Designs Just For You

A day lived is a day worthy of celebration, and we believe in bringing that out with our curated fine jewelry designs. Find or customize diamond jewelry pieces ranging from modern to vintage classics, perfect for occasions, celebrations, and everyday wear.

Expert Craftsmanship & Exceptional Quality

Our fine jewelry pieces are handcrafted by artisans who have mastered the art of making jewelry with precision. Every piece that reaches your doorstep is masterfully handcrafted and undergoes three rounds of quality checks before coming to your hands.

Eco Friendly & Sustainable

Being fashion forward means taking an ethical approach where sustainability is the key. Grown in state-of-the-art laboratories that leave a far smaller carbon footprint, every eco-friendly diamond you shop at Friendly Diamonds is a step towards a greener and sustainable future.

Affordable & Budget-friendly

We believe that diamond jewelry, especially the pieces you wear daily, should be affordable and pocket-friendly. Our lab grown diamond jewelry is competitively priced to ensure you get your favorite pieces without having to burn through your savings.

Create Your Own Ring

Create Your Own Ring

Celebrate a milestone, occasion, anniversary, or birthday with a lab
diamond ring that you create.

Start with a Ring Setting
Create Your Own Pendant

Create Your Own

Discover our exquisite collection of pendant settings.

Start with a Pendant Setting
Create Your Own Earrings

Create Your Own

Choose from an elegant range of earring settings.

Start with a Earring Setting

Customize Your Jewelry

Bring your dream jewelry to life. Design and customize jewelry precisely as per your imagination
with the help of our experts.

Customize Your Jewelry
Customize Your Jewelry


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