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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Beautiful Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas for You

Written by Edmar Hendricks

Beautiful Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas for You

Marriage, it is said, is the meeting of two hearts, the intertwining of two souls, and the coming together of two people with a promise to be together forever no matter what. With just two words, "I Do," said at the wedding ceremony, a couple begins their journey as husband and wife, a culmination of true love that began at the start of their relationship when they first met. With marriage comes tradition, the tradition of exchanging wedding bands that are an emblem of love symbolizing a committed relationship. But what if you could give your wedding band a modern twist? A modern but personalized twist by adding band engravings.


Ring Engravings throughout Time

While wedding ring engravings are popular in modern times, you must know they were equally popular during medieval times when people engraved the jewelry pieces they cherished with religious and love quotes to show affection to their beloved ones. In fact, jewelry engraving is said to have originated in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, where archaeologists found gemstones carved with cameos of influential leaders like Alexander the Great. At that time, around 3000 BC, jewelry engraving was more for the wealthy and influential people to display their influence and power. Jewelry engravers would engrave gemstones, rings, and necklaces to personalize the jewelry for the jewelry owners.

As time progressed, ring engravings became a trend for couples to personalize their rings. During medieval times, poesy rings inscribed with words or quotations with poems were extremely popular. People believed that poesy rings had special magical powers because of the words inscribed on the ring. With time, poesy rings did go out of fashion, but they certainly paved the way for personalized wedding ring engravings that we have today.

Throughout time, ring engravings came in many forms. Rings featured swirling ribbon and cross engraving during the Victorian era. During the Edwardian era, wedding bands for women featured filigree details as well as milgrain detailing. In modern times wedding ring engravings are all about adding that personal touch. Wedding band engravings are undoubtedly the best way to personalize a wedding ring with a special secret message like a date when the couple met or just the first initials of both their names, crafted next to each other. Perhaps even the wedding date engraved on the ring or a partner's signature on the inside of a ring is a great way to personalize a wedding band. In this blog, we talk about the beauty of wedding ring engravings, how they are created, and share ideas you can use to create engraved wedding bands.

Custom Engraved Rings

Today thanks to modern technology, couples can get a wedding ring engraving to obtain engraved wedding bands on their big day. It is the perfect way to own rings personalized with a special message representing the love shared between the bride and groom.

Ring engravings are also popular with engagement rings and promise rings as they add a special touch to landmark moments when taking one's relationship to the next level. While promise rings mark a step beyond dating, engagement rings symbolize the promise of marriage, both of which can be crafted with rose, yellow, or white gold bands, sterling silver, or platinum before adding a gemstone of choice and styling it with a ring engraving to make them all the more special.

How Are Wedding Ring Engravings Made?

Laser engravements are created using laser technology. In this process, a laser beam is used like chiseling equipment to make incisions and remove layers from the surface of the ring metal. Simply put, the laser beam vaporizes the metal to create a permanent wedding ring engraving.

Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Wedding band engravings are all about defining your relationship in your unique way. The ring engraving should reflect the love you share and should relate to an emotion close to your heart. We recommend you talk to your partner before getting a wedding ring engraving so that the ring engraving truly means something to both of you. That being said, here are wedding band engraving ideas that you can choose from when creating engraved wedding bands.

Wedding Ring Engravings

Religious Quotes

If you and your partner follow a particular religion, you can choose quotes related to love and commitment from a holy book. Bible verses are an excellent option for wedding ring engravings. For example, the verses from the Song of Solomon from the Bible have beautiful quotes related to romance.

In the song of Solomon 2 16, the verse starts with a beautiful saying; 'my beloved is mine, and I am his' is a lovely saying that would make a romantic wedding ring engraving. Ani L' Dodi v Dodi li is another reference to the same expression written in Hebrew that can also be inscribed on a wedding band. Another verse from the same book says, 'Thy love is better than wine,’ is also a great line that a couple can use on engraved wedding bands.

Traditional Engravings

When we say traditional engravings, we talk about popular wedding ring engraving choices that symbolize a relationship. Simple yet powerful symbols like the eternity and infinity symbols make excellent wedding ring engravings. You can also use simple classic romantic lines like; I love you, till death do us part, and happily ever after, as your wedding ring engraving. Numbers, such as the date you met or your wedding dates, are also great options for your wedding ring engraving.

Traditional Engravings

Coordinating Engravings

Coordinating engravings are probably the most romantic and creative kind of engraving style that we have on this list. A coordinating ring has one line engraved on one wedding band and a coordinating response engraved on the inside of the other ring. Lines like 'I am my beloved' on one ring and 'My beloved is mine' on the other ring are examples of coordinating wedding ring engravings. You could also add your partner's name on your ring and inscribe your name on your partner's ring when creating coordinating ring engravings.

Coordinating Engravings

design your own engagement ring

Make It Your Own

Like we said earlier, wedding ring engravings are all about personalizing your ring according to your and your partner's preference. So when choosing a ring engraving to create engraved wedding bands, choose an engraving that is close to your and your partner's heart to create a timeless ring for you and your spouse. When looking for the perfect customized engagement ring or wedding band, choose Friendly Diamonds, an eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry brand based in New York, delivering jewelry worldwide right at your doorstep. The brand's online platform allows you to create your own engagement ring and wedding band through a simple three-step process: choose your eco-friendly certified lab diamond, select your engagement ring setting and complete your ring with an engraving you desire.