Round Engagement Rings

Forever classics, round engagement rings are timeless pieces of jewelry that celebrate all kinds of love. Create the ring of your dreams by drawing inspiration from a variety of stunning customer-inspired round engagement rings in our bespoke collection. Discover our most beloved and elegant styles of round engagement rings featuring solitaires, three stones, side stones, halos, vintage, and more.

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Juniper Crossover Solitaire Diamond Ring

2.46ct | Round | VVS1 | D

Madeline Full Eternity Diamond Ring

2.04ct | Round | VS2 | E

Venetia Half Eternity Diamond Ring

2.02ct | Round | VVS2 | E

Claire Full Eternity Diamond Ring

1ct | Round | VVS2 | E

Seraphina Twist Prongs Solitaire Diamond Ring

1.16ct | Round | VVS2 | F

Etienne Secret Halo Diamond Ring

1.71ct | Round | VVS2 | F

Arya Double Halo Diamond Ring

2.5ct | Round | VS1 | D

Frances Side Stone Ring

8.09ct | Round | VS1 | F

Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Centuries have passed, but the appeal of a sparkly round cut engagement ring has not died down. You must wonder why people love this cut of diamond in their engagement ring. Well, the first and foremost reason why everyone is absolutely in love with a round cut engagement ring is its versatility.

Whether you and your partner are a romantic bunch or a pair who loves everything classic, the round cut diamond sets perfectly with every kind of ring setting and offers something for everyone! This is why, we have curated a collection of many moods of round cut diamonds shimmering in elegant and stunning ring settings.

In the vast sea of diamond cuts, the round cut has always stood peerless and is a ‘no-second-thoughts’ kind of pick. All those who are preparing to propose to their partner should take a look at our collection of magnificent round cut lab diamond rings. Most people, regardless of their demographic, love to be proposed to with a ring that has a highly sparkling diamond. Round cut diamonds can be set in various types of ring styles, from simple solitaires to elaborate vintage-inspired designs. The faceted sides and top of the diamond reflect light in all directions, creating a dazzling effect of fire and sparkle.

If you and your partner are people who have sophisticated taste in jewelry, then traditional solitaire Settings like four prong and six prongs will steal your hearts. Other quintessential engagement ring styles, like three stone, pavé diamond side stones, etc., will also only increase the beauty of the ring and won’t steal the shine of your round center stone. But if you love to flaunt a ring that you can wear while doing any and every type of activity, then a bezel setting will give off a cool-chic-girl look. Apart from these, we have designs that will soothe your floral and romantic fantasies. With alluring curves, decorative designs, and nostalgic form, a round cut diamond uplifts such designs.

If you have set your heart on a particular design and want to learn more about the diamond, like its 4 C's or other aspects, then you can explore our website to learn everything about lab diamonds. Choosing lab grown diamonds means you will take a step toward owning a diamond that was made without leaving a high amount of carbon footprint on our environment. The lab grown diamond’s superior quality coupled with the artistic craftsmanship of our thoughtfully designed engagement rings will leave you awestruck and wanting for more.

So, choose one ring for your partner and make them feel as special as our round lab diamond engagement ring!