Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings are the new and perfect alternatives for round engagement rings that feature a delicate silhouette and sleek symmetry combination. With their elongated shape and brilliant facets, oval engagement rings create a unique sparkle – one that speaks for itself! Pick ideas from a range of gorgeous oval engagement rings in our collection to design the ring of your dreams.

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Tiara Three Stone Diamond Ring

1.05ct | Oval | VVS1 | F

Mereia Secret Halo Diamond Ring

1.45ct | Oval | VS1 | E

Nomi Classic Eternity Diamond Ring

0.53ct | Oval | VVS1 | D

Cleopatra Halo Ring

0.52ct | Oval | VS1 | E

Venetia Half Eternity Diamond Ring

1ct | Oval | VS1 | D

Venetia Half Eternity Diamond Ring

1ct | Oval | VS1 | D

Odyssey Hidden Halo Diamond Ring

4.01ct | Oval | VS1 | H

Teagan Solitaire Diamond Ring

5.02ct | Oval | VVS2 | G

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

An oval cut engagement ring is loved by many for various reasons. You can never put a finger on what exactly you love about this elongated diamond cut. Why is that? Well, firstly, because an oval cut diamond has many positive attributes, like its gentle curves and immense sparkle.

An engagement ring is considered one of the most important and sentimental pieces of jewelry by many. If you are currently looking for a ring to propose to your beloved, then an oval cut lab diamond engagement ring can be your best pick. Despite being famous among people of all demographics, an oval cut ring still holds its unique features. The ring primarily flatters those who have petite fingers, as it makes the hand of the wearer look slender.

The oval cut is a delightful twist on the classic round brilliant cut diamond, which has risen in popularity in recent years. It also gives the illusion of size, paired with a brilliant sparkle. An oval cut diamond is comprised of three parts: the shoulders, which are located between the ends and the belly; the belly, also known as the middle part of the diamond. Not only do oval cut diamonds have trendy and unique profiles, but they are also now the most popular among modern brides.

This shape is so versatile that it can pair well with almost each and every type of engagement ring setting. You can choose to pair it with a trendy halo or even the en-vogue hidden halo setting. The cut especially pairs with engagement rings that have pavé set diamonds or vintage-inspired creations. A traditional and elegant solitaire Setting highlights the oval diamond’s adaptability and tends to be the choice of many modern brides. While engagement ring settings are important, selecting the ideal color of metal is also vital. While yellow gold is the classic choice, some may opt for romantic rose gold, lustrous white gold, or contemporary platinum.

Choosing a oval lab diamond ring is beneficial for many reasons. Since lab grown diamonds are created in our high-tech laboratories, they are made with strict standards in mind. This way, we try to keep our carbon footprints low. Another advantage of buying a lab grown diamonds is that they are handsomely priced. That is why all of our oval cut lab diamond engagement rings are priced in a way that will allow you to save money and also own a luxurious piece of jewelry.

So, due to these reasons, you should not wait to choose an oval cut lab diamond engagement ring. Take a step further to seal your love story with your future partner-to-be.