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Thursday, Feb 08 2024

Three Times Celebrities Put Their Best & Sparkliest Tennis Necklaces on Display

Written by Thomas Cooper

Three Times Celebrities Put Their Best & Sparkliest Tennis Necklaces on Display

Are tennis necklaces popular, you wonder? We know you keep hearing about this enigmatic jewel all the time. Well, if you weren’t sure about them, then check out these three celebrities' diamond tennis necklaces, which rocked exuberant gems and set everlasting trends with their chic style. 

Tennis necklaces are the perfect accessory that can turn any outfit into a timeless one. It goes well with every style and pair of attire that can help uplift your chic look and take it to another level. Don’t believe this? Read further to discover which celebrity diamond tennis necklace has made a buzz and left netizens in awe.

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Celebrity Diamond Tennis Necklace

The 2023 year was a great year for the iconic pop star Taylor Swift, and why wouldn’t it be? Her music got all the buzz that it deserved; she is a sensation and turned out to be the real American sweetheart for us. However, the “Cruel Summer” singer is not only a great lyricist and has a great voice but she also has great taste in jewelry, which does not go unnoticed.

Taylor Swift

SHOP Naomi Tennis Necklace

She was spotted wearing a brilliant tennis necklace this year on her birthday and leaving the party with her were Blake Lively, Keleigh Teller & Miles Teller. What we love about Taylor’s appearance here is her gorgeous neckwear, certainly making the list of top celebrity diamond necklaces for us!

Jennifer Lawrence has a dazzling personality and has always left audiences awe-struck with her acting skills and, of course, with her fashionable appearances. She has caught our eye because of her excellent choice of diamond jewelry. The Oscar-winning star was spotted on a stroll with her husband in New York.

Jennifer Lawrence

SHOP Lorel Tennis Necklace

The iconic star wore a breezy ivory vest with chic black pants that already made her look effortlessly beautiful, but what added that spice to the whole ensemble was her shiny celebrity diamond tennis necklace, which stole the spotlight for us!

Of course, this classic runway model look given to us by Hailey Beiber makes the list of top celebrity diamond necklaces. The entire look is so timeless and captivating that one can’t scroll past the screen or look away. Mrs. Bieber’s mesmerizing attire at the Rhode launch event speaks to her signature style of dressing—a sleek hairdo and minidress that looks absolutely stunning. 

The young entrepreneur is often seen wearing jewels that capture our attention; one such necklace is the “B” that she has worn on different outings, in a way expressing that it falls under her top picks for jewelry.

Can Tennis Necklaces Be Worn Every Day?

Tennis necklaces look like the jewels of royalty, so one must rightfully wonder if they can even wear them every day. To this, we answer: They can definitely be worn every day because, though they look sparkly and high-maintenance, they are actually one of the easy-to-maintain and lightweight jewels. 

These ever-so-classic tennis necklaces can any day become your daily accessory. Whether you want to dress up in formal attire for cocktails, parties, events, or even rock a slumber party, these beautiful pieces of neckwear do not disappoint. They can never go out of style due to their timeless appeal. Don't believe us? Check out Jennifer Lawrence, effortlessly styling her casual with a brilliant-looking tennis necklace yet again.

Jennifer Lawrence

How to Style a Tennis Necklace?

You can wear a celebrity-inspired diamond tennis necklace as per your own style, expressing your individuality. Whether you wear a white gold neckpiece or a yellow gold one, the diamonds on it will certainly amp up your ensemble. There are no strict rules to styling a tennis necklace so you can do it according to your taste and preferences; however, if you are stern about finding the right piece and styling it well, you can solve those queries with this necklace lookbook.

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