Dazzling Styles of Diamond Heart Pendants

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Thursday, Sep 14

Dazzling Styles of Diamond Heart Pendants

Written by Nicole Harper

Dazzling Styles of Diamond Heart Pendants

For half a millennia, diamond heart pendants have captured the imagination of every jewelry lover. The mesmerizing beauty of these necklaces has long been the symbol of love, devotion, affection, and friendship. Their dazzling styles made diamond heart pendants the most sought-after present for any occasion. 

In this blog, let’s explore why heart diamonds are special, how to select the ideal pendant with them, and the trending heart diamond pendant styles.

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Why Diamond Heart Pendant?

For each person, a heart diamond pendant has a unique profoundness attached to it. To some, it represents unwavering love and devotion towards their partner. For others, it is a fashion statement or a luxury piece of jewelry. The significance of diamond heart pendants is as follows:

The Love Emblem

The heart shape is an accepted symbol of love and affection. Ever since the first diamond heart pendant was gifted by Queen Mary of Scots to Queen Elizabeth over 600 years ago as a token of their friendship, heart diamonds have also become love emblems. First, among the courtyards of royalty, now, thanks to lab diamonds, they are common everyday symbols of care, adoration and tenderness.

The Love Emblem

There is a deep significance for why heart diamonds are so famous for representing love. While the heart shape signifies romance, care, affection, and love, the diamond represents strength, durability, and purity. These combined traits solidify a bond between two people, be it romantic, platonic love or pure friendship.

A Perfect Gift

A diamond heart necklace makes for a perfect gift. It is one of the top suggestions for gifting options for engagements, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day or other memorable occasions.

A Perfect Gift


A diamond heart pendant has a very personal meaning attached to it. With the choice of the cut, carat, setting, and metal, one can show their creativity to make the idea diamond heart pendant. Moreover, diamond necklaces last a lifetime. It can be passed on to generations as a family heirloom representing love and shared family history.


Want to ace a formal outfit or add sparkle to your wedding attire? Whatever the occasion, diamond heart pendants make a perfect fashion statement. They bring class to the wearer and are versatile to match any outfit.


The heart cut lab diamonds are available in numerous clarity grades, colors, and carats. Jewelers can incorporate various styles to make them stand out and exude beauty to the wearer.

Epitome of Luxury

Diamond heart pendants are some of the most expensive pieces of fancy jewelry. Lab diamonds must be cut precisely into heart shapes that reflect light in 60 directions and sparkle like none other. The extra care to design a setting that perfectly accents the heart diamond makes for excellent craftsmanship and the size of the diamond adds to the luxury factor. All these make diamond heart necklaces the epitome of luxury.

Before jumping to buy this beautiful jewelry, you must understand some things that bring dazzling style to a diamond heart pendant - carat, clarity, and metal.

The Right Choice of Carat and Clarity

The size of the diamond and its clarity are two critical factors in choosing diamond heart pendants. They affect the pendants’ quality and price significantly.

Choice of Carat and Clarity


Higher clarity and carat lab diamonds have brilliant sparkles. They are comparatively more affordable than natural diamonds. Moreover, lab heart diamonds are less expensive than round cut lab diamonds and are best suited for creating pendants that suit your style. 

The ideal carat size for an everyday wear diamond heart pendant is between 0.5 and 1.5 carats. Also, choose clarity grades between VVS1 and VS2 for a glittery necklace.

Choosing the Metal that Amplifies Beauty

It’s not just the diamond that lends beauty to a pendant. The metal for the diamond heart necklace significantly amplifies its beauty. And for the wearer, choosing the appropriate metal for their skin tone will work wonders. Elegant jewelry, like diamond heart necklaces, is available in the following metals: 

White gold: Perfect for people with cool skin (bluey-purple veins under the skin), white gold amplifies the diamond’s beauty manifold. A colorless lab diamond would be the best choice with white gold.

Yellow gold: The classic yellow gold perfectly suits warm skin (greenish veins under the skin). It compliments skin tone. Diamond pendants with yellow gold result in a contrast effect, amplifying the stone’s beauty

Metal that Amplifies BeautyRose gold: It is the perfect metal for most warm skin tones. The fine dose of pink significantly contrasts the yellowish complexion of warm tones and adds charm to the wearer.

Platinum: The white glistening metal is perfect for cool skin tones.

Best Diamond Heart Pendants to Gift

Friendly Diamonds has an extensive collection of lab diamond heart necklaces suitable for the occasion of your choice. Here are some of the best heart shaped lab diamond pendants to present to your special someone.

Cupid Love Charm Lab Diamond Pendant

The lure of the Cupid towards your loving partner is clearly visible in this splendid lab diamond heart pendant. With a round four prong setting and a sparkly heart diamond at the center and the radiating rose gold heart skirting the center stone, is breathtakingly beautiful. The smooth and polished metal finish with flawless folds adds to the elegance of this diamond pendant. Though simple in design, the Cupid Love Charm lab diamond pendant is versatile and radiates magnificence on any attire.

Cupid Love Charm Lab Diamond Pendant

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Valentina Two Stone Dangling Lab Diamond Pendant

Want to present a memorable Valentine’s Day gift that lasts for eternity? The Valentina Two Stone Lab Diamond Pendant is the perfect gift. Two heart cut diamonds dangling one above the other look mesmerizingly beautiful. The smaller diamond over the larger one carefully sits in a claw prong setting, providing a dazzling & stylish design. You can imagine the glitter the pendant generates if the diamonds are of VSS1 or VSS2 grade. Also when you add the delicate warmth of white gold to the splendor, the Valentina lab diamond heart necklace becomes unmatchable in its sheen.

Joan Fashion Lab Diamond Pendant

The two diamond combination of the Joan Fashion Lab Diamond Pendant is grandeur and downright luxurious. Perfectly perched in an intricate floral basket setting and milgrain frame, the center heart diamond is a sight to behold. The small diamond firmly held by four prongs atop the solitaire adds splendor to the diamond pendant. Adding to the diamonds’ glitter is the glossy smooth finish of rose gold metal. This diamond heart pendant is one for cherishing the everlasting bond between two people.

Joan Fashion Lab Diamond Pendant

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Priscilla Slider Lab Diamond Pendant

Priscilla Slider Pendant is a fun, attractive, and elegant diamond pendant. The 1.5 carat central heart diamond is breathtakingly beautiful. The small diamonds studded along the twisted metal slider bail add opulence to the pendant. Priscilla slider pendant with its unique design and the choice of rose gold or white gold for the chain is an absolute stunner. It is the perfect choice if you wish to appear lavish.

Priscilla Slider Lab Diamond Pendant

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Apart from these, Friendly Diamonds has many unique diamond heart pendant designs for your every need. We also offer a pendant customization service. You can choose the metal, the setting, and the color, clarity, and carat for your diamond heart pendant making it uniquely your design.

If you have a unique pendant design in mind, we invite you to explore our bespoke customization page to bring your vision to life. And if you ever need guidance in selecting the ideal diamond heart pendant for your special someone, don't hesitate to schedule a complimentary virtual appointment with our knowledgeable experts. We're here to assist you with pleasure!