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Monday, Dec 04 2023

Hottest Bridal Jewelry Trends: Discover Latest Wedding Necklace Styles

Written by Jason Kirk

Hottest Bridal Jewelry Trends: Discover Latest Wedding Necklace Styles

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life. Your aisle transforms into the most significant runway, where you’re the only showstopper. Amidst the excitement of fantasizing about every little detail, from the venue to the bouquet, to the flower arrangement and your wedding dress, you often overlook one crucial element that is always in the spotlight: your bridal jewelry.

As your vision comes to reality and the wedding bells echo, you try paying attention to every little detail to make your day memorable; the perfect wedding necklace selection takes center stage, adding the finishing touch to your bridal outfit. Your bridal jewelry will not only add sparkle to your look but also help in accentuating the beauty and charm of your overall attire. In this blog, we have listed some wedding necklaces you can take inspiration from and style yourself on your big day.

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Timeless Glamor of Tennis Necklaces

Let's dive into the everlasting charm of tennis necklaces — those delightful diamonds on a string that gracefully embrace your neck. There is no need for extravagant designs; simplicity often steals the spotlight. If you're going with a classic ball gown with a flowing skirt and a sweetheart neckline, consider coordinating necklace styles like our White Gold Bailey Pear Lab Diamond Tennis Necklace for a timeless look. 

The necklace has a gleaming row of pear shaped lab diamonds flowing in four prongs with a V tip, and gives you a contemporary bridal look that exudes sophistication with an uninterrupted line of radiant diamonds.

Bailey Tennis Necklace

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Subdued Sparkle of Diamond Necklaces

Now, onto dainty diamond necklaces—these are like tiny reflections of all those little joys that make your day unforgettable. If your choice of gown is either a princess-style ball gown or a sleek mermaid gown, choose dainty necklaces or pendants like our  White Gold Ethereal Oval Solitaire Necklace that seamlessly enhances the chosen silhouette. This necklace will add the right amount of grace and charm to your ensemble. Congratulations! Your bridal outfit just received the perfect finishing touch! We are sure you will love the overall look of this sophisticated bridal outfit.

Ethereal Solitaire Necklace

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Mix and Match for the Win

Mix and match is the new trend that brides are inclined to for their wedding outfits if you’re looking for a boho bridal vibe. Visualize this: a tennis necklace doing its thing and a diamond pendant adding that personal touch. It's like a match made in accessory heaven. Your bridal look went from ‘meh’ to ‘you go girl!’

If you’re going for a mix-and-match look, combine necklaces that blend the overall aesthetic, like our White Gold Lorel Emerald Lab Diamond Tennis Necklace with the White Gold Ethereal Oval Solitaire Necklace. You can layer these jewelry pieces with a two-piece bridal outfit that features a chic crop blouse with a flowy or an A-line skirt so that, like your wedding necklace, your outfit has dimensions too.

Lorel Tennis Necklace

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Whether you're rocking a modern, vintage, or boho bridal vibe, these wedding necklaces fit every type. You deserve a special wedding necklace for your big day. And we at Friendly Diamonds are all about crafting moments that last a lifetime. But wait, we're all about the glam and keeping it real, our diamonds are ethically sourced. Our lab grown diamond jewelry is all about guilt-free gorgeousness.

So, to all you future brides, get ready to shine with an outstanding wedding necklace that is just perfect for your big day. Check out Friendly Diamonds for pieces that sparkle and give you all the warm fuzzies. Because your love story deserves jewelry as unique as you are.