What are Lab Created Diamonds?

In simple terms, lab created diamonds are diamonds that are man-made, created by scientists in a laboratory. Lab diamonds are also known as synthetic diamond, artificial diamonds or cultured diamonds. This type of diamonds exhibit similar properties like naturally mined diamonds and it is hard to differentiate between the two diamond types.

Friendly Diamonds collection of lab diamonds is an exhaustive one as you can purchase the diamond in hues of pink, yellow and blue. Fancy colored diamonds are comparatively affordable than colourless diamonds of this ilk.

Lab Diamonds



Pure And High In Quality

Unlike mined diamonds, lab diamonds are dirt and impurity free



Compared to natural diamonds, lab diamonds offer high value for money.


High Quality

Just as mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds display the same physical, chemical and optical properties


Environment Friendly

These diamonds are mining free, ensuring no damage to earth.

How are LAB Grown Diamonds Made?

Also known as engineered diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are grown in a laboratory setting using advanced technological processes. Lab created diamonds are created using the below two methods:

HPHT Method

HPHT means high-pressure high temperature method.

Using this method, pure carbon and a tiny lab diamond, like a seed is placed in a high pressure, high temperature chamber. Applying high pressure and temperature, the carbon is heated in the presence of the seed diamond. The carbon melts around the starter seed and a diamond is created.

CVD Method

CVD stands for chemical vapor deposition.

Using this method, a slice of a diamond seed is placed in a sealed chamber. Mixture of gases is added to the chamber to form plasma. With a rise in temperature, the gas molecules break apart and carbon atoms bond to the seeds, growing the diamond larger, layer-by-layer.

Lab Grown Diamonds VS. Natural Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds are like 100% natural diamonds as they share similar chemical, physical and optical characteristics like the latter. One can really find it difficult to differentiate between a natural and lab created diamond. The only way to spot the difference between these two types of diamonds is to test them using specialized equipment.

Also the only thing that sets them apart is the man’s ability to keep on producing man-made diamonds in a lab even more than the naturally created ones on the earth.

Natural Diamonds vs Lab Diamonds
Moissanite vs Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds VS. Diamond Simulants

Diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia and moissanite look exactly similar to diamonds, but are not diamonds in true sense. A diamond simulant is not a diamond at all as its chemical properties are completely different.

While they may look similar to lab diamonds, simulants lack the same sparkle, fire and optical properties.

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  • marquise
  • pear

Frequently Asked Questions

A natural diamonds is a diamond grown in the earth’s crust over a period of 100 years or more. This type of diamond waits to be discovered from under the earth’s surface.

Lab grown diamonds are comparatively more affordable than natural diamonds.

Yes. Lab grown diamonds can be referred to as synthetic diamonds.

Not at all. Lab diamonds are made of carbon and cubic zirconia does not have any carbon content. Cubic zirconia does not exhibit the same sparkle and shine as that of a lab diamond.

A lab diamond is grown by recreating the exact conditions underneath the earth i.e. by pressure, carbon and heat.

It takes about a week’s time or a 10 days time to grow 1 carat lab diamond and around a period of 30 days to grow a 3 carat diamond.

Responsible. True Diamond Jewelry

Lab diamonds are ethical and eco-friendly diamonds that encapsulate science beautifully whilst also providing you with diamonds that are high on value and stunning. Discover a wide collection of lab grown diamonds online that exhibit similar chemical, physical and optical properties like natural diamonds.


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