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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Which Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

Written by Karen Dunn

Which Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

Jewelry has its own charm, especially when designed with precious stones like diamonds. But like all things beautiful, it must start as a rough stone and transform into a well-cut gemstone before it makes it to your jewelry box. Hence, the process of picking a diamond is extremely important. To obtain the ideal jewelry piece, you must set a budget and then obtain a stone that a reputed diamond grading institution grades according to the 4C’s; cut, clarity, carat weight, and color.

Of the 4 C’s, the cut is a crucial aspect as it affects the entire look of the stone. The cut gives a gem that wow factor that ultimately emphasizes whether you will own an expensive diamond. Equally, the gorgeous stones that rest comfortably on her earlobes are one of the most prized possessions a woman can own. These dainty little diamond earrings can be an essential component of your wardrobe and are meant to make you stand out at an occasion or event.

Crafting a rough stone to reach a high-quality level requires expert craftsmanship. How the facets and angles are cut gives the stone its appeal. The facets and the way the gemstone is cut can affect the pricing of the gemstone and perhaps make it an expensive diamond. Thus, of all of the 4C’s, the cut holds great significance when shaping a stone and giving it its beauty.

In 2005, GIA, a leading diamond grading institution, introduced a cut grading system. The cut grading system is widely used to differentiate between a gemstone regarded as the most expensive diamond cut and a gemstone regarded as a low-grade cut. The cut grading system was authenticated by manufacturers, retailers, and public observations, all of whom looked at real diamonds and expressed their perspectives on expensive diamond shapes and their relation to their aesthetics. In this blog, we talk about the importance of a diamond cut, how essential it is to your diamonds, and the most expensive diamond cut that makes your jewelry stand out with a brilliant sparkle.


The Cut Grading System

The brilliant round cut is a popular diamond cut that is considered the most expensive diamond cut and expensive diamond shape. But before we understand it further let’s talk about the GIA cut grading system.

As mentioned earlier, the cut plays an important role and affects the aesthetics of the gemstone. We must also let you know that the clarity and color grades of your stone shall also affect how your diamond looks as a whole and affect its pricing. The five most utilized cut grades include Excellent (EX), which is the most expensive diamond cut, Very Good (VG), Good (G), Fair (F), and Poor (P). 

The Cut Grading System

When considering the most expensive diamond cut, The Excellent (EX) cut grade inevitably reflects the best light performance making it the most expensive diamond cut. That is to say, with an even patterned or well-balanced cut, the gemstone can have a more striking charisma. Hence, making it the most expensive diamond cut out of the wide range. The immense contrast of light and dark seen while admiring the stone exudes the intricacy used by a cutter on the rough stone. While in comparison, the Very Good (VG) or the Good (G) cuts are not as bright, and their reflections accommodate more dullness in the center of the diamond.

The Poor (P) cut grade displays the most prominent dullness within the gemstone. The better pick of all the cut grades are Excellent (EX) and Very Good (VG). The rest are equally beautiful but not as aesthetically appealing as the grades mentioned above. The beauty that seeps through the most expensive diamond cut has a lot to do with the optical effects like the fire, the brilliance, and the pattern of the gem.

The brilliance, also referred to as the brightness of the diamond, stands for the external and internal light reflections, which are best observed under diffused light. A brighter diamond automatically reaches a higher grade, and a well-cut diamond is always brighter irrespective of its size, clarity, or color grade. Similarly, the fire is a result when white light passing through the diamond showcases a rainbow of colors.

Proportions of a Diamond

The cut grading system also emphasizes the overall look of the diamond rather than a single set of proportions. Every dimension and angle of a gemstone’s facets should correspond and come together to form a spectacularly cut stone that looks well proportionate in a whole.

That being said, a stone of a specific cut grade may look different than its counterparts, i.e., similar cut diamonds, based on how proportionately they are cut. The difference in look may lead to one stone looking more appealing than the other and costing more, even though they are of the same range.

Proportions of a Diamond

The closer you observe a diamond, the better you shall notice its proportions. If the precious stone has a bright and even pattern, it highlights the cutter’s skill and attention to detail. A duller spot below or around the girdle of the gemstone could mean the rough diamond was not crafted with precision.

The most expensive diamond cuts usually have higher cut grades, and when you observe them, they are typically different from each other. The GIA system downgrades stones that are thick or carry excess weight toward the bottom of the diamond. Also, a steeper crown or sharp dip in the stone's pavilion can cause its appeal to drop.

The Brilliant Round Cut

When it comes to the most expensive diamond cuts, the round cut, also known as the brilliant round cut, is the most expensive diamond shape that has dominated the market for the longest time. This specific cut is the most desired design making it a gemstone in high demand and an expensive diamond shape for engagement rings and other jewelry designs.

It is the most desired design because it has 58 facets, including the culet (the bottom facet, which is parallel to the upper surface of the diamond), cut proportionally to reflect the most light.The upper part of the diamond, also known as the Crown, consists of a total of 33 facets. The diamond's lower part, also known as the pavilion, has 25 facets. The precise cuts and spot-on proportions of the brilliant round cuts give the gemstone the maximum brilliance to reflect the most light.

Nearly 75% of all diamonds sold worldwide are brilliant round cuts. With such popularity and high demand in the market, there is no doubt as to why this lustrous gemstone is the most expensive diamond cut. Despite pricy fancy shapes like marquise cuts, radiant cuts, and oval cut diamonds, round brilliant cuts are considered ideal and are the most expensive diamond shape available. Diamonds of this cut and style hold an enchanting charm that out sparkles all other diamond shapes.

The Brilliant Round Cut


With a spot-on cut quality, the stunning brilliant round-cut can be paired fittingly with any ring, pendant, bracelet, or earring. Therefore, the brilliant round cut is truly an all-rounder proving its position as an expensive diamond shape that is gorgeous and loved by most.

Fortunately, you can pick your desired shape at Friendly Diamonds, a New York-based online jewelry store; that offers eco-friendly, sustainable lab grown diamonds crafted with accuracy and precision. All gems are certified by leading diamond grading institutions like IGI, GIA, and GCAL and come with a certificate that defines the 4 C's of the preferred cut.