Hector & Lidia

Although Hector and I met in 8th grade, our friendship grew in high school. Every day after my volleyball or badminton practice and Hector's rifle team practice, he would wait for me to chat and catch up. You see, we did not have any classes together and, I was so focused in school and so shy that I never chit-chatted in the hallways (super nerd alert!). We walked together home from our practices as the years went by. I remember feeling so grateful and at ease after a rough day seeing him standing by the front door waiting for me. I finished high school my Junior year, so we drifted a little apart with our drastic schedules. A year after graduating, we began hanging out everywhere with our group of friends; Movies, festivals, bars, hiking, etc. In 2011 Hector decided to leave and train to become part of the US Army. As scary as that process was, I could only be proud and happy for his goals. In 2012 Hector graduated from Airborne School, and I graduated with my Associate's in science. His first set of pinned wings he gifted to me, which I still hold treasured with me today. Finally, in 2018 we both were single and began dating in the summer. Wow! It did not take long for me to fall in love with Hector. Immediately I confessed my feelings to his surprise! To my surprise, Hector had fallen in love with me since our days in high school. In love with our best friend, we decided to move in together that same year we could not go one day without seeing each other. Forward to 2021, we are ever more in love with life, one another, and each other's goals and dreams. In celebration of my bachelor's degree and his acceptance to Officer Candidate School, we vacationed to California. A sunny bright, and warm day for Los Angeles, we planned to stop by the museum with his family for some pictures and art gallery expos. At the LACMA, right in the middle of the 'Urban Light' exhibit, Hector kneeled on one knee and proposed marriage. Shocked and filled with butterflies in my stomach, I accepted with a YES! Hector is my person, my best friend, and now my fiance. Hector picked every detail of the ring which makes it as special as our journey to saying yes

Hector’s pick for Lidia

  • Ring Setting Style : Anastasia Halo Diamond Ring
  • Metal Type : 10KT White Gold
  • Center Diamond Shape : Pear
  • Diamond Carat : 1.36 ct.
  • Diamond Clarity : SI1
  • Diamond Color : H