The Beauty of Step Cut Diamonds Simplified!

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The Beauty of Step Cut Diamonds Simplified!

Macy Taylor

Macy Taylor - 06 February, 2023

The timeless beauty of step cut diamonds speaks for itself and is something one cannot miss! These diamonds are a particular style of diamond cuts that have rectangular facets placed in steps to give them a geometric appearance.

These cuts are widely used for Emerald and Baguette diamonds. From the uniqueness of Emerald cut diamonds to rare facets of Asscher cut diamonds, all these cuts have an appeal that never goes out of style.

Ideal for seeking an elegant look, these are the perfect picks for someone wanting to add a glamorous appeal to their diamond jewelry.

Whether you're searching for your own engagement ring or a piece of jewelry to gift to your loved one, these diamonds are the way to go!

Step cut diamonds tend to add a luxurious appeal to their adorner. Let’s learn more about these gems before you decide on the most suitable sparkle to enhance your style game

The History of Step Cut Diamond

Step cut diamonds have a long and intriguing history dating back to the early 19th century. The first step cut stone - the Emerald cut originated during the Art Deco period and became popular for its clean lines, uniqueness, and subtle design.

Known after the green emerald diamonds which were commonly cut in this style, this cut became popular for its distinctive inclusions and transparency.

Another popular diamond cut, the Asscher, was introduced in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers in Amsterdam.

It was influenced by the Emerald cut and mostly recognized by its rectangular shape and angular facets. The Asscher cut became extremely trendy during 1920s and was frequently used in the Art Deco jewelry.

Soon in the 1930s, the Radiant cut emerged with a combination of sleek lines of step cut diamonds and a beautiful sparkle of round brilliant cut diamonds. This rare cut gained rapid popularity and remains highly sought after to this day.

In today’s time, step cut stones are used in various jewelry styles from the Art Deco era to contemporary minimalism. They are admired for their ageless beauty & sophisticated appearance, and these continue to be a popular choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry pieces.

In short, these diamonds have a rich history and their timeless appeal is everlasting. From their evolution in the Art Deco era to their modern day utilization in various jewelry styles, step cut diamonds continue to be a source of enchantment and beauty.

Understanding the various types of Step Cut Diamonds

Step cut diamonds have the ability to provide a refined and clean look. Let's have a look at the most popular diamonds in this category:

Emerald Cut Diamonds

These are the type of step-cut diamonds known for their rectangular or square shape and trimmed corners. These diamonds feature a flat surface referred to as the "table" and elongated lines, which reflect a scintillating hall of mirrors effect.

This step-style faceting pattern allows light to penetrate the diamond and reflect off its parallel facets, resulting in a soft and subdued shine.

Their elegant appearance makes these diamonds popular for engagement rings and other fine jewelry.

Furthermore, the elongated lines and expansive tables of emerald cut diamonds give an illusion of a larger stone, making them an ideal choice for individuals who desire a more lustrous diamond look.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher diamonds are known for their square shape and cut corners. These diamonds are renowned for their radiant brilliance and distinctive X-shaped facets that create a pleasing optical effect.

Asscher diamonds are commonly utilized in vintage or antique jewelry designs and are frequently seen in engagement rings. These diamonds feature high clarity as their step cut highlights the inclusions and blemishes more evidently than other cuts.

Baguette Diamonds

Baguette diamonds are recognized by their rectangular shape and straight-cut sides. This cut's simple and sleek lines make it a popular choice for accent stones in jewelry pieces, particularly in wedding bands and eternity rings.

Although the step cut facets of a baguette diamond produce less brilliance than round or brilliant cut diamonds, the cut still possesses a sophisticated appearance.

Baguette diamonds are frequently paired with other shapes such as round or pear shape to create a more dynamic look. Their straight edges and lack of curves make them relatively simple to set and these are mostly seen in pave settings.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Perfect Step Cut Diamond

Before purchasing a step cut diamond, it is essential to consider the following factors:

Cut: Ensure that the diamond has a well-executed cut with straight parallel lines and crisp angles.

Clarity: Step cut diamonds usually highlight all inclusions or blemishes, so try opting for a diamond with a high clarity grade.

Carat Weight: Since these cuts have the tendency to appear larger than their actual weight, you might want to consider a lower carat weight instead of a higher one.

Color: As the color is less noticeable in step cut diamonds, you can choose the one with a higher color grade if you prefer a diamond without a yellow or brown hue.

As discussed above, step cut diamonds come in various shapes including Asscher, Emerald, and Baguette. Pick the shape which best matches your style and taste. A good ring setting can significantly enhance your ring's and diamond's appearance.

If we speak about the budget, these diamonds tend to be more expensive. It's crucial to consider your budget and determine how much you're willing to spend. Considering all these factors, you must choose a diamond which best meets your style and preferences.

Here's a selection of diamond engagement rings to consider when looking for step cut diamonds:

Allen Diamond Ring

The Allen diamond ring boasts an emerald diamond delicately held in place by four crisscross prongs that form a gentle cut-out gallery for a refined look.

The design is also enhanced with a slightly tapered cathedral style band that elevates the overall design aesthetic.

Madison Diamond Ring

The Madison, a lustrous three diamond ring, shines radiantly with its emerald cut center stone that is placed in a luxurious embrace of four gleaming prongs.

On either side of the central diamond, two tapered baguettes nestle elegantly in a channel setting, lending an air of sophistication to this emerald cut engagement ring.

Jia Diamond Ring

The Jia ring showcases a sparkling solitaire gemstone set in four sturdy prongs, surrounded by a double halo of glittering diamonds. The band boasts a sleek design with side stones adorning half of both its sides.

In conclusion, step cut diamond rings offer a unique look for those who prefer a timeless style. With Friendly Diamonds, a sustainable brand based in New York, you can customize your diamond ring by selecting a step cut, choosing a ring setting, and finishing the ring design with a metal color.

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