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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Things to Consider when Getting Engaged

Written by Edmar Hendricks

Things to Consider when Getting Engaged

So the moment has come. The feelings you share with your partner are mutual and now the question beckons; should you take the next big step? Deciding on whether you should get married or not isn’t easy. There are so many intricate questions you should ask yourself and your significant other before one of you decides to pop the question. When you marry, you are invariably giving a part of yourself to somebody you consider dear. And by doing so you can be certain that your life will completely change when you say, ‘I Do’. 

Are you and your partner ready for a long-term commitment? Can the both of you build a strong relationship? Are y’all ready to spend the rest of your lives together? When you have a clearly defined YES to these three questions, only then should you get engaged. In this blog, we guide you with some of the most important things you ought to know and think about when getting engaged. But before we do, let's answer some important questions that pop up when thinking about getting engaged.

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What is the best age to get engaged?

You can’t put a number on when you should get engaged. While the ideal age is believed to be twenty-five for a woman and twenty-seven  for a man, ultimately it is solely your choice to make. You should get engaged only when you’re ready to do so. Consider your personal and professional goals, your future wants, your partner’s desires, and ask yourself whether the time is right.

Which is the best place to get engaged?

The proposal itself can sometimes be considered an engagement ceremony. You might choose to call a few near and dear ones who’re part of your friend and family circle and surprise your sweetheart followed by a lively celebration together, considering it to be your final engagement ceremony. We know of a client who sneaked into his and his fiancé’s old high school and had family members and friends at the site before proposing her with a solitaire diamond engagement ring with a white gold band. When she said yes, everybody joined in the celebration - isn’t this the perfect example of a proposal and engagement ceremony on the same day? You can view the whole video below.

best place

Another way to go about it is to make your proposal an intimate affair by doing it in private and then planning your engagement ceremony with your partner. In either case, we always recommend doing something absolutely special. It could be an engagement ceremony by your favorite beach shack, or perhaps the place you guys first met, or a place she has been saying she wanted to go to for a while. If you’re looking for something romantic, then a location under the moonlight could be a place of your choice. Whichever location you choose, just plan it accordingly and make it a dreamy affair for you and your partner.

A List of Common Engagement Party Ideas

- Date night with live music or candlelight.
- An outdoor location under the stars, such as a beach or garden.
- A family gathering at home or a banquet hall.
- Any specific location where the two of you first met.

Should I exchange a ring while getting engaged?

The traditional way of getting engaged involves the exchange of engagement bands. It has been a timeless tradition to exchange vintage engagement rings, also known as antique engagement rings, which are generally heirloom jewelry pieces passed down from generation to generation. Three stone engagement rings that have side stones placed on the band have also been a popular pick as each stone represents a point of time referring to all that was, is, and shall be with your partner.


However, modern times entail a stand-out choice i.e. solitaire engagement rings. Solitaire diamond engagement rings are single center stone diamond bands that represent the commitment, dedication, and devotion towards your loved one, making it the perfect band for your special day.

You must also know that it is not necessary to get engaged with a band and you can always get engaged without one. You can propose to your better half with flowers, poetry, or a memento that shows you care. We’ve had clients who proposed in their own special ways and then gifted their partner a band on the wedding or anniversary day.

So if you’re not ready to buy a band yet, know that you can wait for the right moment and express your feelings towards your dearly beloved in a way that only you can imagine. Now that we have dealt with these important questions, let's get talking about the things you should consider when getting engaged.

What are the 8 things to consider when getting engaged?

Inform Those Important to You & Your Partner

Keep family and loved ones informed of your decision. You may have proposed in private and announced it on social media, or you may have exchanged bands in a private engagement ceremony with only the two of you present. Whichever route you take, it is vital to inform family and friends personally and tell them how happy you are to have found the right person.


Get an Engagement Band

This one is for those who choose to exchange bands at their ceremony. As mentioned earlier, vintage and three stone bands are options available when looking for an engagement band. While the term vintage suggests an absolute classic, they are nowhere close to what modern trends entail.

wedding band


We only recommend choosing vintage rings if they are heirloom pieces as they make the perfect vintage jewelry passed on within the family. Today the most popular choice is the single diamond solitaire engagement rings that come crafted in metal variants of rose, white, and yellow gold. With online jewelry stores giving you the liberty to design your band, you also get a chance to choose a ring design according to your partner’s taste and preference. At Friendly Diamonds, you can design your ring to the last detail, creating one that fulfills your partner's wishes.

Get Your Ring Sized

It is important to get your ring sized properly if you decide to exchange the bands with your partner. You cannot afford to have your band slipping off or sliding up and down your finger when wearing it. We recommend you to get your ring sized at the start itself when creating your online engagement ring. The band size will also come in handy when selecting your wedding bands. Here is a ring size guide you can use when choosing your ring.


Insure the Engagement Ring

Insuring your band does not make it any less romantic. It serves as protection in case something happens to it in the future. It could get stolen, lose its diamond, or be left accidentally at a place you’d least expect. Insuring your band with a renowned insurance company shall help you during such stressful moments if they arise. You may require an appraisal certificate when insuring your ring. You can opt for the certificate at Friendly Diamonds when buying your ring.

Throw a Party

Your engagement is a celebration that calls for a party especially if your proposal was a private event. Throwing an engagement party is a great way to round up your friends and family to share the good news. It also allows members from both your and your partner's family to get acquainted with each other, all while having a good time.

engagement party

Determine the Scale of Your Ceremony

Be it big or small, you must determine the theme and the scale at which you want to celebrate your engagement. We recommend you start with the guest list first and then take it forward from there. The number of guests tells you the size of the venue required. You can then decide on the decor based on your theme and make the necessary dinner and beverage requirements - all to fit within your set budget.

Plan the Date Well in Advance

Finding the perfect venue means getting it booked well in advance. It is a great idea to plan your engagement ceremony with a date in mind so that you can check on the venue availability. It might also be a great idea to consider what your near and dear ones in your family have to say so that they are available on the day of your engagement ceremony.

Hire a Planner

If looking to have a lavish ceremony, then hiring an engagement ceremony planner is the way to go as it shifts the responsibility of taking care of the event while you and your partner enjoy your beautiful day. It may cost you a hefty amount, but you can consider it money well spent if the planner has a record of executing well-organized engagement and wedding events.

Click a Selfie or Record the Moment

Pictures speak a thousand words and videos capture every moment like no other medium does. Getting a cute selfie with your partner or filming the moment is a great way to save the memory for years to come. You can privately store this memory and share it with close friends and family and also post it on your social media to announce your engagement.


We’d like to end by saying that getting engaged is for those who are truly committed and certain of spending their life with their partner. And since you’ve made that decision, we’re glad and happy for you and wish you and your partner a happily ever after.