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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

The Perfect Lab Grown Diamond Earrings for You

Written by Macy Taylor

The Perfect Lab Grown Diamond Earrings for You

Are you looking for a perfect birthday present for your mum, an anniversary present for your best friend, or a gift for yourself? You might feel the jitters when looking for the best jewelry. But you do not have to worry as you have us right here to guide you in finding the best jewelry item. So what should be your pick when looking for diamond earrings? And by pick, we mean the kind you can wear regularly!

A gorgeous set of earrings can pull your entire ensemble together. In fact, no outfit is perfect without them. You may wear them at a business meeting, a party, or during a vacation in the Bahamas to give you an effortlessly elegant and timeless look, no matter what. The best part is that you can easily carry your pair when traveling to glam up your outfit, wherever you go. They are indeed incredibly versatile statement pieces.

But when shopping for your pair, you may find tons of different shapes, settings, styles, and metal options to choose from, making it a tiresome process. It is like the more you look, the more you might get confused. So, to make this task a lot simpler, we have an easy process where you can design your pair. In this blog, we shall explain exactly how to do that but first, let us start with why you should make lab grown earrings your ultimate pick.


Reasons to Choose Lab Diamonds for Your Earrings

Lab Diamonds Are Affordable

The time frame to create lab-grown diamonds is significantly less, unlike natural ones, making them less expensive. These stones make for a great bargain as they typically cost 30 to 40% less than natural gemstones. Purchasing lab diamonds gives you a fair, irresistible deal within your budget.

lab diamond earrings


Lab Diamonds Are Similar to Natural Diamonds

Did you know that even a trained gemologist can not recognize the difference between a lab grown and a natural diamond without proper testing? Yes, it is true! Both natural and mined gemstones look similar to the naked eye making it difficult to tell the difference.

Lab Diamonds Are Environment-Friendly

Scientific studies show us that diamond mining harms the environment. But on the other hand, lab grown diamonds are formed using a limited amount of resources and created in a lab causing hardly any environmental damage. Now that you know why lab diamonds are perfect for creating your earrings, here is a tip to follow when selecting your diamond shape. The traditional round-shaped stones are best sellers and are considered a classic earring pick. But it is best to select a shape that pairs well with your face. For better understanding, a wide-shaped face best matches with an oval diamond to lend you an elongated look. But in case your face is on the longer side, then a round or a princess diamond might be your best pick for a trimmed look. So how do you customize your diamond earrings?

Choosing Your Earring Setting

After selecting the shape, you will have to choose a setting and style to compliment your stone. There are typically three commonly chosen earring settings to create your pair. We shall examine the different features of each setting, style, and different offerings that you can pick from.

Prong Settings

Prong settings are a great way to showcase your diamond's brilliance. The Martini setting is the most common of all prong settings, also called the three prong setting. Besides the three prongs, four prong settings are also increasingly popular. The center stone securely lies amid a four-prong or a martini setting, giving the design a classic and elegant look. These settings are ideal for women who want their stones to shine brightly from all angles. Designed for classic simplicity, the Flora stud earrings have a beautiful round-shaped stone lying in the grasp of a four prong setting, showcasing the beauty of the stone from all angles. Besides being easy to wear, the earrings are also easy to pair. You can pair these beauties with all your outfits and enhance your style.



Bezel Settings

Bezel settings, unlike prong settings, surround the entirety of the gem with an enclosed metal rim to protect the center stone. Bezel settings are a great choice, especially when looking for that sleek modern look. A center stone sits stylishly surrounded by a bezel setting to draw attention to the center gem giving you an elegant look. The setting is more secure than a prong, giving the center stone the security required.


Halo Styles

Tiny diamonds encircle the center gemstone in halo-style rings to create an incredibly dazzling look. The style adds glitz to your diamond studs while also giving the impression of a larger center stone. Halo earrings are for bold and beautiful women who are not afraid to make the first move. The Solice halo earrings are perfect for that fashionista look when having a night out party with friends. Crafted with a shiny halo, you're sure to see glitters and twinkles emitting from it when dancing to your favorite song.


Selecting Your Metal Type

It is also important to choose the metal type for your pair to complete the overall look of your earrings. Metals used include white, yellow, and rose gold.

White Gold

White is the perfect choice that has skyrocketed over the last decade. Its shimmering silvery look is best to enhance even the tiniest details of your design..
Also, white gold pairs well if you have a cool tone to your skin, giving you an elegant and sophisticated look while complementing your complexion.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a timeless color that never goes out of fashion. This classic color acts as a beautiful backdrop and intensifies the look of the center diamond.
Yellow gold looks well on ladies with warm skin tones considering its rich and contrasting appearance.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is an emerging trend that offers a lovely, enchanting pink tone to your earrings. It is the perfect option for ladies with neutral skin tones to create an appealing appearance and add a lovely touch to your overall look.

Gold Fact: Pure gold is a soft and malleable metal that has to be combined with other metals to form a hard and durable alloy so that it can be used in jewelry production.

We end by saying that you should always adorn what feels good and never compromise on style! You can look at the other options available on our website and create your gorgeous pair. We have different styles, metals options, and carat weights for you. So go ahead, create and show off your own set of dazzlers!