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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

A Ring Fit for a Popstar: Ariana Grande Engagement Ring

Written by Karen Dunn

A Ring Fit for a Popstar: Ariana Grande Engagement Ring

From 7 rings to a forever ring, she definitely is a Mrs.! The Ariana Grande engagement ring is all we can talk about. A spectacular news of engagement from December 2020, the adorable thank u, next singer spilled the tea on the dreamy proposal she had with a swoon worthy Instagram post.  As soon as her fans witnessed the sparkling new rock on her finger, they were able to decode the hidden meaning that it carries within the design behind this Ariana Grande Engagement ring. We are sure you are curious to know what the meaning behind the ring is and the glamorous yet picture perfect love story of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez. To assist you in understanding the ring’s significance we have listed a few topics we aim to cover in this blog, read on ! 


Love Story Like No Other: Oval All the Way

In 2014, Ariana posted a photo on Twitter of a pearl and gold ring with a heart felt caption which briefly stated that her nonna had a ring made with the pearl which was an element of her grandpa's tie pin. She also adds that her grandfather told her in a dream it’d protect the popstar. Sadly, Frank, Ariana's grandfather, died in 2014 after a difficult fight with cancer. The Ariana Grande ring is crafted with a stunning oval diamond along with a unique delicate pearl, bearing similarities to her granny’s pearl ring which she received as a gift. Hence, it is obvious that it was designed with this sentimental family stone in mind.

Oval All the Way

Moreover, their love story as well is no less than a fairy tale… it all started with Ariana’s house-hunting outside Los Angeles for a getaway home. Her team assigned Dalton (a luxury home realtor) to guide her through the process. She urged her staff to arrange a face-to-face meeting with him after she saw him and found him to be charming and very attractive. And the rest is history! The pair married over the weekend in a beautiful intimate ceremony with just 20 guests at their Montecito, California, home, stunning her huge fan base.

One of a Kind: The Ariana Grande Ring

Lights, camera and of course, BTS! Gomez worked intimately with a professional jeweler to create a truly exceptional diamond engagement ring for his soon-to-be bride. It was known that Gomez managed to personally look after the selection process through FaceTime and Zoom as he was away from the jeweler’s office. Through the gorgeous looks of the Ariana Grande ring one can tell that Dalton has a very specific idea about what he wanted and how he wanted the ring to look, with a rare style. 

The Ariana Grande Ring

He came up with the concept to maintain the diamond on an angle, moreover he also wished to incorporate a pearl since it holds a lot of significance for the singer. He wanted to add that in the Ariana Grande engagement ring. Gomez chose a recent trend favorite ring called a Toi et Moi, which in French translates to "you and me,". It includes an oval diamond that is slanted and holds a pearl into the finished piece. The Ariana Grande ring is seen to be mounted on a traditional yellow gold shank and it is known that the diamond weighs approximately six carats according to the jewelers Jack Solow and diamond creators.

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Ariana Grande's diamond ring is the sort of unique ring that would ideally suit your significant other if they enjoy a subtle and unique design. It is a genuine inspiration for any jewelry aficionados out there. Some Friendly Diamonds choices that were motivated by the Ariana Grande ring are listed below!

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The Janes Chevron diamond ring, according to its name, is a stunning oval solitaire ring that gives a traditional ring a contemporary spin. If you are looking for an Ariana Grande engagement ring that is both inexpensive and sustainable, go with Friendly Diamonds. This online store, which is based in New York, is well-known for its stunning designs and notably for its skilled designers.

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