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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Timeless Valentine’s Rings For Your Lady!

Written by Macy Taylor

Timeless Valentine’s Rings For Your Lady!

Love is a promise, a perfect souvenir, once given, never forgotten! As February approaches, the air is filled with romance, and it is the sweetest fragrance ever… especially for the couples in love. Valentine’s day is one of the most special occasions celebrated and honored by people worldwide. A perfect day to express affection and love for one another. And what better way to proclaim your love than with a lustrous Valentine's ring?

Diamonds are the ultimate expressions of love, the ideal symbol of your union, and, so far, one of the best gifts for Valentine’s day. Whether you are planning to pop the question this V-day or whether you are already committed, a gorgeous Valentine’s day ring is sure to make her fall head over heels for you. From modern Valentine's rings to traditional ones, there are tons of ring designs for you to pick from. But before we discuss the flawless details and browse settings that every Valentine's ring lends, let’s take it from the top and get to know why Valentine’s day became all about love.


V-day: It's All About Love

V-day, the day of romance and love which is widely celebrated around the world today, has a lengthy and intricate past that dates back to Roman antiquity. Originally, the celebration took place during Lupercalia, a mid-February feast honoring love and fertility. During the festival, males would draw women's names from a jar and pair up with them as mates for the duration of the celebration. In honor of Saint Valentine, a martyr was killed for secretly marrying couples in ancient Rome, and so the Catholic Church tried to replace Lupercalia with a Christian holiday in the fifth century AD. Since then, February 14th was declared Saint Valentine's day by the Church, and through time it evolved into a day to honor love.

It's All About Love

Throughout the Middle Ages, Valentine's day was widely commemorated in Europe, when couples would exchange gifts on this day. The celebration gained popularity in the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries, and by the early 20th century, Valentine's day cards, flowers, and gifts had turned into a commercial holiday. Valentine's day, a day to celebrate romantic love and relationships, is today honored on February 14th all across the world. It's a day for showering the people in our lives who mean the most to us with gifts, flowers, and chocolates. Although Valentine's day has evolved over time, the core idea of celebrating love and devotion has remained constant.

Gift Diamonds on V-day: The Story of Diamonds & Forever

Given that diamonds have a long history of being associated with devotion and affection, giving one as a Valentine's day gift is a traditional and well-established way to express your love. Since the proverb "diamonds are forever" has come to symbolize the undying essence of love and commitment, diamonds are the ideal Valentine's day gift. The history of how diamonds came to be connected with love may be traced back to the late 19th century when diamond companies began to advertise the jewels as symbols of eternal love. When they began to advertise diamonds as the best gift for engagements and weddings, the trend of gifting Valentine’s rings on Valentine's day quickly gained popularity.

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We, as a lab diamond jewelry brand, firmly believe in everlasting love, and giving a Valentine’s ring on Valentine's day is one of the sweetest sentimental gestures. A Valentine’s day ring is the appropriate gift for a day dedicated to celebrating love and romance because of its brilliance and luster, which are representative of the enduring nature of love. Generally speaking, presenting your sweetheart with a diamond on Valentine's day is a wonderful way to convey your love for them. It's a time-honored and thoughtful act that will always be cherished.

You Can Never Go Wrong with the Classic Setting

Timeless yet elegant, the classic setting, widely known as the solitaire setting, is one of the most beloved styles adored by women around the world. Solitaire engagement rings are the perfect rings for Valentine’s day. The classic styles feature a single stone mounted on a glistening shank, where you can choose different shapes with various carat weights. This Valentine’s ring will be the ideal way to express your love and devotion to your beloved. And what’s more, the classic simplicity that this Valentine's ring lends is so versatile that she can adorn it for formal as well as casual events. 

Bezel Diamond Ring

The classic Valentine’s day ring showcases a center lab diamond of your choice at the top amid a bezel setting. The thin rim of metal protects the diamond from all sides while also lending a classic elegance to the ring. The ring further displays a sleek metal band of choice from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. You can add various matching bands to go with this ring. 

bezel ring

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Janes Diamond Ring

Want a Valentine’s ring that is simply unique and enduring? Choose the Janes lab diamond ring that features a modern twist to the traditional style. A lab diamond is set amid four prongs that hold the diamond in place along with the chevron that lends a rare appeal to the overall design of the ring. 

Janes Diamond Ring

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Ivory diamond ring  

How about a vintage Valentine’s ring to profess your everlasting love? Designed with an intricately carved metal band, the Ivory lab diamond ring is a sophisticated ring for Valentine’s day that features a center stone held in four prongs giving a very antique and beautiful appeal. 

Ivory diamond ring

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Three Stone Rings – A Vow of Past, Present, and Future

What’s more enticing than popping the question with a stunning three stone ring? Three stone rings, also known as the trinity rings, are the ideal rings for Valentine’s day. These rings symbolize the past, present, and future of a relationship or a union. So, if you’re planning a marriage proposal or want to present a ring for Valentine’s day, three stone rings are the best picks. The three gemstones in the ring represent the love that has been experienced together, the love that has been nurtured, and the desire for a prosperous future. 

Three Stone Rings

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Because of the importance behind it, a three stone Valentine’s ring is a thoughtful and sincere gift that your spouse is likely to appreciate. This ring for Valentine’s day can be crafted with different lab diamond options, which gives you the opportunity to make it unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Caroline Diamond Ring 

The Caroline diamond ring should be your best bet if you’re looking for a three stone ring with unique side diamonds. The center diamond is placed amid four prongs, while two dazzling trillion side diamonds are placed at the side in three prongs. The glistening metal shank of your choosing gently tapers towards the side diamonds for a refined look. 

Della Diamond Ring

Another favorite pick for Valentine’s day is the Della lab diamond ring, designed with a captivating allure to it. This three stone ring features pear shaped diamond in a three prong setting at the side of the sparkling center stone that is mounted in a four prong setting. To top it off, the cathedral shank adds glamor and drama to the overall design of this three stone lab diamond ring. 

Tiara Diamond Ring

Confess your love with the Tiara diamond ring that literally mimics a beautiful tiara. The center diamond is set in a four prong setting accompanied by two small side diamonds. The metal shank glistens and shines as pave diamonds line on the shank for a brilliant look. 

Heart-shaped Rings for Your Sweetheart

Nothing is more meaningful and precious than gifting your Valentine a heart shaped diamond ring. Since they are typically associated with devotion and emotional ties, heart-shaped rings make for traditional Valentine's day gifts. Given that the shape of the heart is a universal representation of adoration and devotion, giving a heart shaped Valentine’s ring as a gift may be a touching and kind gesture. The ring may also serve as a sign of devotion and a reminder of the special bond between you and your partner.

Twisted Vine Ring 

Featuring a twisted band, the Twisted Vine lab diamond ring displays a brilliant heart shaped diamond at the center placed in a four prong setting. The shank adds more beauty and depth to the ring when the plain metal part twists into a line of gleaming diamonds. 

Caroline Diamond Ring

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Celeste Eternity Ring

For an unforgettable Valentine's confession, the Celeste lab diamond ring might be that perfect Valentine’s day ring you’ve been searching for a while. Embellished with oval side diamonds, the center heart shaped stone spells romance and charm. The oval diamonds are set in a north south direction in a shared prong setting, making this Valentine’s ring one of the ultimate picks. 

Celeste Eternity Ring

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Charm of Love Diamond Ring 

Want something charming but timeless at the same time? The Charm of love is one of the rings for Valentine's day that you can’t miss. A center heart shaped diamond is placed amid four angular prongs along with a contemporary metal band of your choosing studded with diamonds in a channel setting. 

Charm of Love Diamond Ring

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Your Everlasting Love Deserves an Eternity Ring

Eternity bands are a common choice for Valentine's day gifts since they symbolize eternal love and dedication. The continuous row of stones that make up the ring's design speaks for the wearer and partner's undying love and dedication.

Eternity Ring

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In addition, an eternity ring can be given as a present to mark significant events in a relationship, such as anniversaries. They are typically given as a token of love, appreciation, and a promise of eternal unity. Since eternity rings may be worn as a daily reminder of the special relationship between the donor and the receiver, they are thoughtful and heartfelt Valentine's day gift options.

Round Eternity Ring 

The round eternity lab diamond ring is an ultimate classic choice if you want to gift your partner something simple yet stunning. A beautiful trail of round lab diamonds surrounds the entire shank, placed in a shared prong setting. A slightly elevated gallery steals the show of this lab diamond eternity band, making it the ideal choice to celebrate your momentous relationship this Valentine’s day. 

Oval Eternity Ring

Designed with an everlasting trail of lab diamonds, the oval shaped diamond eternity band is simply precious and unique. The oval shaped lab diamonds are placed amid shared prongs, elevated a bit to highlight the beauty of these scintillating stones. Placed in a north south direction, the appeal that this band lends is simply unmatched, making it a trendy ring for Valentine’s day. 

At Friendly Diamonds, we know what love means to you. So we, an online brand based in New York, offer you a stunning ‘Create Your Own’ range, where you may design the ring according to your style and budget. As they are customized according to your requirement, personalized Valentine’s rings make thoughtful and memorable Valentine's day presents. You can take the advice of our jewelry expert and can also add a personal message or your partner’s name on the ring. You can choose between various lab diamond shapes and metal hues and create your own unique ring design. This level of personalization boosts the gift's value and distinctiveness since it shows that you have given the ring a significant thought.