Blake Lively Engagement Ring: Get the Iconic Look

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Blake Lively Engagement Ring: Get the Iconic Look

Macy Taylor

Macy Taylor - 07 January, 2023

There's no doubt that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the power couple of this century. Period!!

Plus, who hasn't witnessed and fallen in love with their constant trolling on social media?

The lovely couple first met on the sets of 'Green Lanterns' in 2010, where Ryan played the superhero DC character, and Lively ( Carol Ferris) played his love interest.

The same year they were committed to different people, and soon, by the end of the year, the Gossip Girl split from her then-boyfriend Badgley. Following this, even Ryan and Scarlett officially announced their divorce.

After the said events, in 2011, Blake and Reynolds fell in love and surprised the world with their romance.

In 2012, the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in South Carolina, and from there on, Hollywood can't stop talking about Blake lively's ring.

And I bet you have yet to notice any of its hidden features! So here we are, filling in all the little tiny details of our favorite Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively's engagement ring.

This blog covers the following:

Blake Lively's Ring: The Diamond Shape

The main focus of Blake’s ring is the center solitaire in the form of a stunning oval diamond. Perfect in every way, the center stone exudes superb clarity and cut. What’s noteworthy is that the romantic light blush that the stone lends makes for one of the rarest colored diamonds– one that is simply unique and one-of-a-kind.

Blake Lively's Diamond: The Carat Weight

Ryan popped the question with a whopping 12 carat oval cut diamond engagement ring, and FYI, Blake parades the biggest oval cut diamond in the entire Hollywood industry.

Blake Lively's engagement ring: Know the Setting

Not just did Blake bag herself a handsome heartthrob, but she also got the most gorgeous diamond engagement ring.

Along with featuring a 12 carat pink diamond, Blake Lively’s engagement ring displays a secret halo, below the diamond, along with pave diamonds decorated on a thin and elegant 14k rose gold shank.

We expected no less from the fashionista, as she is one of few celebs that wear a rose gold engagement ring.

If the Blake Lively engagement ring has inspired you to go for an oval ring setting, here are similar options for you to consider to get the ring look:

Atria Diamond Ring

Designed with a glistening rose gold shank, the Atria diamond ring is a timeless classic ring that boasts a center oval solitaire placed amid a four prong basket. What makes this ring unique is two halos studded with gleaming diamonds.

Like the Blake Lively ring, this ring has diamonds decorated on the outer and top walls that flow elegantly on the shank.

Grace Diamond Ring

Look no further than the Grace diamond ring if your partner prefers something that lends a lot of sparkle and glamor.

With a beautifully cut center oval lab diamond amid four prongs, the ring sparkles and shines with the help of tiny diamonds that are decorated on the walls, and the surface of the glistening 14k rose gold shank.

Myra Diamond Ring

You can’t miss this one if you’re looking for a similar style but one that exhibits more elegance and charm.

The Myra diamond ring spells glamorous elegance when adorned. With an oval cut lab diamond placed in four prongs, the shank glistens and sparkles with pave diamonds that flow down the shank.

The ring has a secret halo studded with diamonds that lend the design the allure it truly deserves.

Etienne Diamond Ring

The Etienne lab diamond ring is a breathtaking ring that features a diamond studded hidden halo and an impressive oval cut lab diamond amid six prongs. The tapering 14k rose gold shank is studded with pave diamonds that are sure to lend an appealing touch.

Jia Secret Halo Diamond Ring

Designed for a bride who can’t say no to charm, the Jia diamond ring boasts a secret double halo embellished with diamonds with a perfectly cut oval lab diamond. The rose gold band is lined with dazzling pave diamonds to complete the ring's look.

The Tale Behind the Ring's Purchase

The British Vogue states that Lively loves her engagement ring more than anything, which is her most prized possession.

However, nowadays, couples like to ring shopping together; we can’t say the same for Blake and Ryan. You’d be surprised to know that Blake had no hand in designing this stunning ring.

In fact, all the design credit for Blake Lively’s engagement ring goes to Reynolds and his friend jeweler Lorraine Schwartz.

Lorraine Schwartz is an American jewelry designer who has crafted and designed high jewelry for female celebrities like Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, and our current favorite, Blake Lively ring.

The estimated price of the ring is a whopping 2 million US dollars.

Together Reynolds and Schwartz dreamed of this stunning masterpiece with one of the best diamonds in the world. And the result is the perfect Blake Lively ring that turns heads and touches hearts.

Take a Look at Her Wedding Bands

Crafted with a rose gold shank, the Blake Lively engagement ring is often paired with multiple rose gold wedding bands. With all its glamorous details, her wedding bands are equally stunning and worthwhile, precious even to turn heads.

On multiple occasions, Blake Lively’s ring is paired with a classic chevron rose gold band featuring pave diamond flowing elegantly on the shank.

Another one features an eternity band studded with prong set gleaming diamonds that lend a lustrous look to her overall engagement stack.

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