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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Make Lasting Impression with these Silver Anniversary Gifts

Written by Macy Taylor

Make Lasting Impression with these Silver Anniversary Gifts

Years of commitment, years of togetherness, years of affection, years of love, 25 years of happiness! Are you celebrating your 25th anniversary? Now, that is something very special, an occasion worthy of celebration. You've been through so much as a pair together, making this union stronger than ever. And this year, your milestone anniversary, deserves all the best wishes, for there is nothing more dreamlike and beautiful than the love that lasts forever. So why not take the celebrations to a whole new level and celebrate your years of marriage with memorable yet thoughtful wedding anniversary gifts? Whether you're buying something for your own partner or looking for a present for a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, a traditional gift always outshines other presents.

And by traditional, we simply mean fine diamond jewelry gifts crafted and designed just to commemorate your special day. Some folks prefer to follow trends and pick sterling silver or gold jewelry as 25th wedding anniversary gifts. However, following the fashion is outdated since you may choose excellent jewelry that is affordable and yet makes the greatest modern presents for 25 years of marriage. The possibilities are as many as the times you've spent together. Gifting is truly an art; thus, we have selected a range of 25th wedding anniversary presents, primarily diamond jewelry, that will help you make this day just as spectacular and unforgettable as your wedding day.


The Significance of the 25th Wedding Anniversary (Silver Jubilee)

Giving silver as a gift to celebrate a couple's silver anniversary is a well-known custom. Why not make this year's 25th the modern 25th? However, we now commemorate all significant dates with a modern twist. Silver jewelry is a traditional pick popular for lending a cool tone and a glistening appeal. But over time, it loses its luster given to the softness of metal that tarnishes over time, making it less appealing. 

So a better alternative for silver would be platinum jewelry or white gold jewelry, which is far more durable and radiant than silver. Any of these metals decked with diamonds are far more precious and stunning as diamonds are known to symbolize the everlasting beauty of a relationship. This tradition of gifting silver as 25th anniversary gifts dates back to the middle ages, originated in Middle Europe and some parts of German regions. The 25th anniversary gifts included a wreath of silver crowned for a wife from a husband celebrating 25 years of marriage. 

silver jewelry

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As silver symbolizes harmony, hope, and faith, these peculiar yet modern gifts were gifted as 25th anniversary gifts for their wives. Why so lavish, you ask? It is because of the fact that very few couples survived a marriage of so many years together during that point in time. When they did, it was celebrated with lavish presents such as silver on the 25th anniversary and gold on the 50th anniversary. Today you don't have to stick to silver anymore as other more durable metals like platinum and white gold are new definitions of 25th anniversary gift ideas. A shimmering trail of diamonds decorated on a bracelet or an eternity band would just be ideal choices for 25th wedding anniversary gifts that would prove to be far more meaningful and precious for years to come. 

Cherishing Your Loved One with Exquisite Eternity Rings

Nothing's more priceless and timeless and beautiful than a sparkling eternity band if you wish to add a wedding ring to her diamond jewelry collection, one that speaks to you. 

Eternity rings are one of a kind featuring a trail of one sized diamonds decorated on the entire band. They simply go with anything and everything and are said to symbolize the eternal love in a relationship. What's more, is that they look absolutely gorgeous when adorned! 

Round Diamond Eternity Band

The Round lab diamond eternity ring is a stunner in the making and can be stacked perfectly with your partner's engagement ring.  The band features diamonds of the same size amid common prong settings. The elevated gallery, when viewed from the side, lends a classic allure. You may add a metal hue and carat weight according to your budget.

eternity band

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Oval Diamond Eternity Ring

The trendy new Oval lab diamond eternity ring which again features oval stone set north south in a shared prong setting, lending that stylish and glamorous appeal when adorned. These bands are available in different carats and metal options, including platinum, so you can make a choice based on the metal color your partner prefers. 

oval eternity band

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Nothing’s More Gorgeous Than a Pair of Dazzling Earrings

Your 25th anniversary gift list is incomplete without a pair of these stunning classic earrings. Lab diamond earrings are very fashionable and do a great job of enhancing every outfit. What's more, is that it is a staple jewelry accessory adorned by all women. 

Zuri Bezel Lab Diamond Earrings

The Zuri lab diamond earrings are perfect as silver anniversary gifts that are sure to leave a mark. A dangling pear shaped lab diamond set in a bezel setting sways flawlessly from a 

plain hoop featuring a sturdy lock. These earrings can be a timeless 25th anniversary gift if looking for something affordable and stunning.



Sasha Double Halo Lab Diamond Earrings

If you want to go for something more glam and stylish, pick the Sasha lab diamond earrings displaying one diamond at the top and one at the bottom, both encircled by a halo of gleaming diamonds. These 25th wedding anniversary gifts are sure to lend your wife that glamorous touch on this special occasion that she will remember for years to come. 

Sasha earring

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A Priceless Heart Shaped Diamond for Her Ring Collection

Two decades together is a really long time. with a stunning yet priceless heart shaped diamond that will speak the ultimate tale of your love. If she's been wearing the same diamond ring when you first said, 'I love you, now is the time to get her that new, shiny dazzler that she can proudly flaunt everywhere.

Cassidy Entwined Prongs Diamond Ring

And the Cassidy diamond ring might be just the jaw-dropper you're looking for.

cassidy ring

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A romantic ring design with a heart shaped stone at the center, and the lustrous metal band displays scintillating diamonds decorated on surreal entwined prongs giving this ring an unmatched sparkle.

Celeste Side Oval Diamond Eternity Ring

If looking for an alternate option, we have the Celeste diamond eternity ring designed especially for someone who finds elegance in radiance. The brilliantly cut center diamond gives off a romantic vibe, while the side oval diamonds are the perfect definition of the cherry on the cake. The ring design simply gives a stunning appeal and is the ideal pick for 25th wedding anniversary gifts. Another ideal 25th wedding anniversary gift could be the Klarissa ring that displays a mesmerizing heart shaped lab diamond amid diamond studded four prongs encircled by a halo of pavé diamonds. The glistening shank is also embellished with pavé diamonds making this ring design a sight to behold.

celeste ring

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This 25th wedding anniversary gift can be the perfect way to go for a lab diamond upgrade since two decades ago, the popularity of lab diamonds was rare. Now you can pick lab diamonds that offer exceptional quality by also making a promise to the environment. 

Tennis Wristbands That Are a Guaranteed Winner to Woo Her Heart

Picking silver anniversary gifts doesn't have to be tricky anymore, as you can present a sparkling tennis bracelet. These dazzling pieces of jewels are the perfect 25th wedding anniversary gifts for diamond enthusiasts. They prove to be great additions to any woman's jewelry box and timelessly go on all your outdoor outfits. A must-have ornament; the bracelet features a trail of diamonds flowing and gliding just perfectly on the wrists. 

Serene Pear Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Choose a bracelet that really stands out, and pick the Serena tennis bracelet designed with a line of radiant pear shaped lab diamonds set amid three prongs. If you're the hubby who wants to surprise their wife, we suggest you slip on this 5 carat bracelet and show her what she means to you. This 25th wedding anniversary gift is guaranteed to leave her speechless. 

serene tennis bracelet

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Cecily Round Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

If your preference is probably something unique, choose the Cecily lab diamond bracelet as your 25th anniversary gift embellished with brilliant round diamonds graduating from the center to the end. The lab diamonds are placed amid individual four prongs displaying exceptional craftsmanship. 

cecily tennis bracelet

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Lastly, your 25th wedding anniversary is an important milestone in a couple's life. Spending life and living in harmony is a major accomplishment. So, let Friendly Diamonds assist you in making the right choice in picking the perfect silver anniversary gifts. Based in New York, the brand helps you to design your own lab diamond jewelry using sustainable diamonds that have a lesser impact on the environment. You can book a virtual appointment, where you will meet our trained gemologists, that will help you pick a lab diamond you fancy and a design you prefer. 

With our 'Create Your Own' range, you can simply pick a diamond of your own choice, where we offer 10 different shapes with thousands of carat weights to explore. 

Then you can pick a setting that appeals the most to you, and at the end, finish your design with a metal color of your choice.