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Wednesday, Nov 22 2023

Lab Diamonds Celebrity Edition Ft. Rihanna & Emma Watson

Written by Jason Kirk

Lab Diamonds Celebrity Edition Ft. Rihanna & Emma Watson

Celebrities have found a way to enjoy luxury with eco-conscious artistry. Lab grown diamonds, which are all the rage now, have been taken over by celebrities to set trends that exude elegance with a touch of sustainability. These diamonds are the result of a conflict-free production process because they are created in laboratories instead of being mined.

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What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

These sparkles are the real deal; lab grown gems are real diamonds with chemical and optical characteristics identical to their natural counterparts. The diamonds are then graded per the standard of the 4 C’s. Additionally, they are certified by top institutes that inspect and grade gems.

Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

Why Are They Popular?

Lab diamonds are a more cost-effective and ethical choice when it comes to jewelry. They offer luxury and brilliance at budget-friendly prices. Along with that, lab diamonds tread lightly on the earth, inadvertently making them a much more conscious choice.

Lab diamonds

These gems have increased in popularity with the rising trend set by world-renowned singers, pop stars, and actors. They are a fashionable choice and help promote a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle for people. 

Since celebrities and artists are looked upon as influential icons, the costumes and jewelry they adorn for various events instantly become a hit amongst their fans. Hence, when A-list celebrities like Rihanna and Emma Watson wear sustainably sourced and affordable jewelry, people do not fail to take notice.

Red Carpet Royalties Who Wore Lab Diamonds

Many famous personalities set the trend by wearing lab grown diamonds to different events. Their intricate rings, necklaces, and bracelets have promoted a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle.

So, let’s take a look at those iconic times when famous celebrities incorporated lab diamond jewelry into their elaborate outfits.

Rihanna, aka “Caribbean Queen,” is known for her distinct voice and sense of style, glamor, and bling. She captured our hearts with a beautiful lab grown set of diamond jewelry, including a ring, at her 30th birthday party. It was a stunner of 18 carat yellow and white vermeil with rubies and pink sapphires and 16 carat lab grown diamonds. With  the stunning sparkler on her finger, exuding her personal style, she was indeed “shining bright like a diamond.”

Penelope Cruz is infamously known for her spectacular roles in international cinema. She is a top actress who, while styling herself, is mindful of the environmental choices she makes. She passionately promotes lab grown diamonds and has a collection of gorgeous earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. She inspired awe within the crowd at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival with her dazzling lab grown diamond earrings; these eye-catching baubles were the largest gem seen on the red-carpet.

Penelope Cruz

Emma Watson has been a cinematic icon all her life. Her impact extends beyond the screen, where she plays a crucial role in voicing matters of environmental conservation. She is an active advocate for sustainability and better living. Other than being an environmentalist, this “Harry Potter” star is greatly popular for her red-carpet appearances and for being a sweetheart with style. She captivated us with her 2018 Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty ensemble, which featured ethically sourced jewelry and lab grown diamonds. She flaunted her uniquely designed bracelets and rings, making the whole attire stand out and capture the hearts of her audience.

Emma Watson

Lady Gaga, who is a legendary pop star known for her extravagant sense of fashion and style, wore a mesmerizing pair of lab grown diamond earrings. The earrings’ design was inspired by a constellation. Gaga set glam with her pearl-induced lab diamonds, completing her exquisite couture.

Lady Gaga

Jennifer Hudson, another American singer, actress, and talk show host, is known for wearing lab grown diamonds several times at major events. She wore a beautiful sparkler at the 2018 Brit Awards. The ring featured  369 lab grown diamonds surrounding a 5 carat cushion cut center stone made of 18kt white gold, vermel, and rhodium, and a pearl simulated in it. This magnificent ring still makes a buzz in the jewelry industry for its unique design and exuberant style.

Zoë Kravitz, popularly known for playing the role of Catwoman in the 2022 Batman movie, also enchanted everyone with her Met Gala red carpet look in 2019. She wore a black sequin dress and was adorned with multiple bracelets, but what stood out the most were her magnificent lab diamond earrings, which became the star of the show.

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