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Friday, Nov 24 2023

Tennis Bracelets & Skin Harmony: Choosing Radiance in White, Yellow, Rose Gold

Written by Thomas Cooper

Tennis Bracelets & Skin Harmony: Choosing Radiance in White, Yellow, Rose Gold

Jewelry serves many purposes for people who wear it. It is an article of adornment for some, but for others, it reflects their style and personality. A bracelet is one such piece of jewelry that not only adds a high amount of oomph to your outfit but also makes you feel more confident.

Tennis bracelets are one of the most beloved adornments, as they are timeless and classic. They have gained immense popularity over the years and are considered highly versatile.

Table of Content:

History & Characteristics of Tennis Bracelets

One of the most interesting facts about tennis bracelets is that they were not initially named that. Tennis bracelets were called “eternity bracelets,” but their current name became widely popular in the U.S. in 1987. Tennis star Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during the US Open tournament and requested to pause the game until it was found. Since then, this bracelet style has been called a “tennis bracelet.”

Chris Evert

These bracelets are crafted with a series of uniformly sized and shaped diamonds, securely set in precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. All the beautiful diamonds in a tennis bracelet are often prong-set to allow maximum light to pass through them, further enhancing their brilliance. This allows the design to be flexible and in a continuous band that comfortably drapes around the wrist.

There are various ways you can customize your bracelet to your liking. Being as versatile and alluring as any diamond jewelry, a tennis bracelet can be made in accordance with your style and preferences. People generally personalize two main and striking components of these jewels.

When you buy tennis bracelets from Friendly Diamonds, you get the opportunity to choose from various designs that are elegant, functional, and brilliant. Apart from that, you can choose the type of metal that suits your everyday taste.

Why Is Choosing the Right Metal Color Important?

Have you ever wondered why a yellow gold bracelet looks amazing on some people, but on others, it does not look as ravishing? Apart from keeping personal preferences aside, sometimes certain metal hues do not suit many people, mainly because of the skin’s undertone. Certain skin complexions look beautiful with yellow gold jewelry, while others bring out the best of white gold or platinum pieces. 

If you want to learn how to choose the best metal color for your tennis bracelets, then read these hints and tips before buying them from Friendly Diamonds.

 Metal Color

Ever Wondered What’s Your Undertone?

We all know how easy it is to get confused while determining if your skin has a warm or cool tone. But worry not, because looking at your veins is the easiest way to find your skin’s undertone. 

Different hues make the veins appear different on the surface. All you have to do is turn your hand over and look at the inside of your wrist. If your veins are noticeably blue, you can safely assume you are a cool-toned person. But if your veins appear more green, it is said to have a warm undertone.

Which Tennis Bracelet Should You Pick?

Now that you know the undertone of your skin, it’s time to select the best-suiting metal for you. It is widely believed that cool tones may favor white gold, warm tones may favor yellow gold, and both can complement rose gold.

White Gold Tennis Bracelet

It is widely believed that white gold looks best on those who have cool undertones. White gold jewelry has a modern appeal, which works especially well when set with the icy look of diamonds. A white gold tennis bracelet not only complements the look of an outfit but can be worn everyday and even on special occasions. 

A white gold jewel’s brilliance is further enhanced when it is worn as a tennis bracelet. Hence, being able to exude a contemporary and modern aesthetic, white gold tennis bracelets are a popular choice for those who appreciate sleek and sophisticated jewelry.

White Gold Tennis Bracelet

Rose Gold Tennis Bracelet

Rose gold jewelry has a feminine and romantic touch to it. It has also become the most loved precious metal by many jewelry lovers. The subtle pink hue, which comes from the color of copper, harmoniously works well with people of diverse Gold skin tones. It adds a soft feel to the overall outfit of a person. 

Choosing a rose gold tennis bracelet sets you apart with a unique and distinctive piece that stands out from more traditional options.

Rose Gold Tennis Bracelet

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Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet

People with warm undertones tend to reach out for jewelry that is made of yellow gold. A yellow gold tennis bracelet brings out the natural beauty of the wearer. It ties the look together and makes the ensemble flattering in appearance. 

Yellow gold jewelry, especially tennis bracelets, carries a vintage or retro charm, appealing to those who appreciate a more nostalgic and timeless style.

Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet

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It is easy to choose a metal hue for a tennis bracelet. Apart from examining the undertone of your skin, other factors that you can take into consideration while selecting a tennis bracelet are keeping in mind your personal style and the type of jewelry you usually wear.

If your choice of jewelry falls under the category of modern and sleek, then a white gold tennis bracelet can be the jewel to add to your collection. And if you are someone who digs the classic look, then there’s nothing better than a yellow gold tennis bracelet. That leaves us with a rose gold tennis bracelet, which offers a rosey touch of romance and glam.

Ultimately, your choices and personal preferences will play a key factor in deciding which type of tennis bracelet you will rock in your everyday style.