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Wednesday, May 31 2023

Timeless Lab Diamond Graduation Necklaces & Bracelets

Written by Karen Dunn

Timeless Lab Diamond Graduation Necklaces & Bracelets

Graduation day is a significant occasion that includes much more than just the traditional black cap and gown ceremony. As a college student gets ready to start their journey into the real world, one can see their years of hard work and commitment. To celebrate this significant achievement and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, a gift of lab diamond jewelry can do wonders.

Surely, one can find no better way to celebrate these achievements with a touch of beauty and pride. A graduation necklace or graduation bracelet are some great jewelry picks to mark their success. With the help of this blog, find out how you can crown your younger ones’ success with a perfect lab diamond jewelry gift!


Lab Diamond Jewelry - The Ultimate Choice for a Graduation Gift

For many years, people have valued jewelry as a luxurious and thoughtful present. With exquisite diamonds that ooze opulence and finesse, you cannot go wrong with  a selection of fine jewelry as the ideal graduation present. While being a permanent reminder of the graduate's accomplishments and the memorable experiences connected to their graduation life, it sustains its charm and allure for years and years. It also serves as a souvenir that brings back college memories and cherished feelings throughout time. Hence, opting for a lab diamond graduation necklace or a graduation bracelet will always remain a better choice compared to any other gift option.

In a person’s life when they are graduating, change is the only constant. Whether it's the beginning of a new career, continuing with academics, or joining the workforce, graduates are sure to experience a range of exciting new challenges. Hence, as a token to appreciate their efforts, graduation necklaces or graduation bracelets decorated with lab diamonds are the perfect pick. As the newly graduates set out on their new path, they may wear these gorgeous pieces to job interviews, social gatherings, or special occasions as a sparkling reminder of their accomplishments.

Lab Diamond Jewelry

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Furthermore, fine lab diamond jewelry pieces have an emotional sentiment attached to them; especially when it comes to graduation necklaces or a stunning graduation bracelet. Everytime one adorns this jewelry, they are sure to be reminded of the constant support and pride you feel for them. For them, it turns into a treasured memory of those who honored their successes and had faith in their potential.

Rising Popularity of Lab Diamond Jewelry as a Graduation Gift Idea

The ethical and environmental attraction of lab created diamond jewelry is one of the main reasons it has become the favorite of all. Lab diamonds are produced under controlled conditions which mimics the growth of natural diamonds. Since they don't contribute to land degradation, deforestation, or other negative environmental activities, lab diamonds are more ecologically gentle than mined diamonds. Graduates, especially those from the younger woke generations, value the eco-friendly element of lab diamonds, which makes them an excellent gift option.

Another notable advantage of lab diamond jewelry is its lower cost when compared to natural diamonds. Traditional diamonds may be rather pricey due to their rarity and the labor struggle related to the mining techniques, inevitable for their extraction. Lab diamonds, on the other hand, provide a more affordable option without losing the quality or beauty of the gemstone. Jewelry made with lab grown diamonds offers the chance to present a beautiful, high end gift without going over budget.

Rising Popularity of Lab Diamond Jewelry

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When compared to natural diamonds, lab created diamonds also have the same chemical and visual elements, giving them an equivalent level of sparkle and beauty. They are indistinguishable to the naked eye because of their brightness, fire, and scintillation, making it a precious piece for anyone to treasure.

Exquisite Choices of Lab Diamond Jewelry

To make sure the graduation jewelry presents are more alluring, add the elegance of lab created diamond jewelry from Friendly Diamonds. Our online store provides a beautiful range of exquisite and eco-friendly jewelry items, such as graduation necklaces and graduation bracelets, as a one-stop solution. Explore the ideal diamond jewelry for your gift by browsing through the selection listed below.

Darcy Round Lab Diamond Tennis Graduation Bracelet

A beautiful row of brilliant-cut lab diamonds are tastefully set in a shared four prong setting on this gorgeous graduation bracelet. The diamond studded bracelet gently encircles the wrist, enabling brilliant diamonds to flow and shimmer softly, reflecting every motion of the adorner.

Darcy Round Lab Diamond Tennis Graduation Bracelet

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Riveria Oval Lab Diamond Tennis Graduation Bracelet

With this gorgeous tennis bracelet embellished with sparkling lab diamonds, one is sure to graduate in style. This graduation bracelet is an alluring piece with a row of oval gemstones that have been beautifully set in a round prong setting. With its flexible construction and comfortable fit, the bracelet surely adds an element of fine luxury.  

Classic Bezel Lab Diamond Graduation Necklace

Imagine a beautiful solitaire diamond pendant, gently tucked within a lovely bezel setting, enhancing the beauty of the graduate you wish to present it to. The pendant is safely held in place by a fixed chain on the hook, which exudes grace and poise. This stunning graduation necklace, which has a little lab grown diamond, is the perfect option for encouraging confidence and boldness.

Flaire Halo Lab Diamond Graduation Necklace

The pendant gracefully rests on a fixed chain attached to the hook, ensuring its secure placement. Allow style and grace to flow effortlessly as this pendant rests on the adorner, reflecting a radiance like no other. 

Flaire Halo Lab Diamond Graduation Necklace


Finally, to celebrate a graduate's accomplishments, exquisite diamond-studded graduation necklaces and bracelets are, no doubt, a great go-to option. With the customization possibilities provided, you can also craft special pieces that match their personality and goals. Visit the Friendly Diamonds website to see even more gorgeous diamond jewelry and choose the ideal gift for your loved ones.