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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

The Sparkling Brilliance of Round Cut Diamonds

Written by Karen Collins

The Sparkling Brilliance of Round Cut Diamonds

The allure of a round brilliant cut diamond captures a moment where two lives are entwined as one, and two destinies unite forever. A brilliant cut diamond's shimmery sparkle is that of a treasure to be cherished and worn with love. But before we know more about this brilliant cut diamond's sparkle, let's look at what gives a diamond its sparkle in general.

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A Diamond's Sparkle

A diamond's sparkle is its ability to mirror the light and reflect it towards the light source. This effect is called the 'sparkle effect'. The diamond's sparkle depends on how the gemstone's facets are fashioned.

Diamond Facets

Diamonds, when cut into specific shapes, consist of facets. Facets are like mirrors that absorb and reflect light to create a magnificent sparkle. The more facets on a diamond cut, the more brilliant the diamond. Diamond cuts crafted with an ideal number of facets have optimal fire and brilliance. The fire of a diamond refers to the dispersion of rainbow-like colors from the gemstone. The brilliance of a diamond refers to the flashes of light returned when under a light. The degree of brilliance that shines forth from a diamond depends entirely on how the facets are cut.

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The gold standard is 58 facets, which applies to diamond cuts that include round brilliants, cushion, heart, emerald, and oval cut diamonds. However, you will find radiant cuts that have 70 facets.

A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond's Sparkle Effect

If you're looking for the sparkliest diamond, you'll want to go with round, brilliant cuts instead of fancy shapes. The round brilliant cut has maximum sparkle, giving a well-cut diamond unbeatable brilliance and fire. A brilliant, round-cut diamond's beauty and exquisite fire are incomparable when set in jewelry.

Round brilliant cut diamonds have 58 facets. These 58 facets enable light to enter the diamond and refract beautifully from all the well-crafted facets resulting in a kaleidoscope of tinted white light. The culet that is the bottom point of a round brilliant cut diamond allows light to enter the gemstone and reflect off every facet creating a shimmering light effect. All these characteristics give round brilliant cut diamonds a sparkle unlike any other. Besides its shimmery sparkle, brilliant cut diamonds have the ability to disperse light in various hues, making them the most sought-after diamond there is.

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Origin of the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Marcel Tolkowsky created the round brilliant cut diamond in the early 20th century. He was an engineer and master diamond cutter who created a mathematical formula for attaining optimal diamond brilliance, which was the basis of his Ph.D. thesis. His formula became the gold standard for diamond cuts.

Tips to Follow when Buying Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

It is best to purchase brilliant cut diamonds that are GIA, AGS or IGI certified. These diamond grading institutions are internationally benchmarked diamond grading entities recognized worldwide for their diamond grading reports. Always obtain a certificate from your diamantaire or jeweler with your diamond. The certificates have grading reports that classify the diamond's worth based on the 4C's; cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. After reading the certificate, you will clearly understand your brilliant cut diamond's worth. The 4 C's play a vital role in the sparkle of your round brilliant cut diamond. Your diamond may have 58 facets, but the quality of the cut along with the length to width ratio and depth to table ratio determines the brilliance, fire and sparkle of a diamond.

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The diamond's table, the facet viewed from the top, can dramatically impact the brilliance and fire of the diamond thus affecting its sparkle. A diamond that is cut well reflects more light than a diamond that is poorly cut. Hence, a well-cut diamond has a much stronger and more visible flash of light. It is recommended you shop for high-quality cut grades that are excellent or ideal cuts as these diamond grades are proportionally cut and display optimal brilliance and fire, especially when set on a ring or pendant. The sparkle of your round brilliant cut diamond also depends on how it is set on your ring. For example, the most popular round brilliant cut engagement rings are solitaire rings crafted with yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

When set on a prong, a solitaire ring allows light to enter the diamond from every angle, thus maximizing its sparkle. Six and four-prong settings provide maximum security to your solitaire and significantly impact the degree of dazzle. You may also opt for a round brilliant cut diamond ring with added elements that may include multiple accents and settings. To create a magnificent jewelry piece, you can artistically place accents with step-cut diamonds, side stones, color-grade diamonds, and other gemstones. You don't necessarily have to go for an eye-clean diamond when creating your jewelry, but it is advised that you insure your jewelry irrespective.

Tips to Keep Your Round Diamond Cut Shining Bright

Keeping your round brilliant cut diamond clean will help it shine brightly and maximize its brilliance. Your diamond may pick up oil, dirt, and residue especially when it is worn on an everyday basis. When you touch a diamond, you might pass on natural oil from your fingers. This can reduce the shine and brilliance of the diamond. Hence, always keep your round brilliant cut diamond clean by regularly taking it to your jeweler for a cleanse.

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The Timelessness of Brilliant Diamonds

Timeless style and unparalleled elegance are your rewards for choosing a brilliant, round diamond. They are gemstones that spell perfection for those who celebrate life in all its radiance. They are charming, elegant, classic gemstones that match well with rings, stud earrings, tennis bracelets, and pendants. When looking for round brilliant cut diamonds, choose eco-friendly lab-created diamonds with Friendly Diamonds, an online jewelry store that allows you to create your own jewelry from scratch.