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Saturday, May 25 2024

How to Style Your Diamond Drop Necklace Every Day

Written by Nicole Harper

How to Style Your Diamond Drop Necklace Every Day

Styling lab diamond necklaces every day, yes, please! Keeping your favorite diamond drop necklace hidden inside your jewelry box is just so 2000s. Well, let us all agree that your diamond jewelry should be worn all day, every day. And what can be better than styling your drop necklace for both formal and casual occasions?

If you’re wearing your pieces solo or stacked up for on-trend layered looks, it’s all about lab diamonds heading into 2024. How to style them? Continue reading for our top tips on how to wear a diamond drop necklace with your everyday outfits.

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Less is More

When it comes to styling drop diamond necklaces, you can add a touch of sparkle to your style by looking for a diamond necklace that will never look out of place, even if the design is simple.

drop diamond necklace

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Diamonds are captivating in their own way, and they don't need to be encapsulated in an elaborately designed necklace. When it comes to styling these sparklers for everyday elegance then we suggest less is more, so that your whole ensemble doesn’t look out of place.

Decide Your Outfit Carefully

One of the simplest ways to draw attention to the diamonds in your necklace is to choose clothing that provides a good background. Wearing a basic black or monochrome white dress might be an easy way to accentuate the brightness of a diamond necklace for ladies. Dressing modestly may appear counterintuitive, yet it is one of the most effective ways to wear a necklace.

Consider The Neckline 

When buying a diamond drop necklace, we advise you to consider the neckline of the dress you will wear. Make sure your neckline complements your jewelry.

drop diamond necklace

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Anything too elaborate or decorative that takes the focus away from the necklace should be avoided. To make your diamond necklace stand out, wear a scoop neck, v-neck, strapless, or off-the-shoulder outfit.

Try Layering Your Necklace

A diamond necklace for ladies is a stunning piece of jewelry that requires no accompaniment. That being said, sometimes a simple stacking of the necklace might be enough to elevate your outfit. Layering the diamond necklace or wearing stacked rings or bracelets are great ways to express your creativity and own style.

Make a statement with a single essential piece, layered or stacked with basic, complementary pieces. One of our favorite ways to stack diamonds for everyday wear is with delicate items. stack a basic chain, such as our lariat necklace, with our solitaire necklace to add dimension and intricacy, or stack with our necklaces for a more casual look.

lariat necklace

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With that being said, as we move toward the end of this article we have to tell you that styling your drop necklace for every day depends on your personal aesthetic and style. If you like minimal jewelry as your everyday staple jewelry then we suggest that you go for a pear shaped diamond drop necklace, but if you wish to add some more volume to your ensemble with your jewelry choice then feel free to add a y-shaped lariat necklace as your choice for the day. 

If you have any more questions related to jewelry styling for every day, we encourage you to follow our social media pages. But if you wish to get a one-on-one consultation for your jewelry you can book an appointment with our experts. 

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