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Monday, May 27 2024

Here’s Your Guide To Matching Bracelet Clasps to Different Fashion Styles

Written by Shelby Montel

Here’s Your Guide To Matching Bracelet Clasps to Different Fashion Styles

If athleisure is the style that sings to you, we can bet you’ve heard of tennis bracelets. These stylish bracelets can amp up your outfit in a second and now, with the option of lab diamond tennis bracelets, you don’t have to compromise on your values to look your best! 

They say the devil is in the details, but we believe the details are the most important part of the deal. You have decided on the carat weight and even the cut of your lab diamond tennis bracelet, but did you pay attention to the clasp of your lab diamond tennis bracelet? The bracelet clasp may not look like something you need to worry about but if we’re being honest, it is one of the most important parts of a tennis bracelet. Bracelet clasps are the unsung heroes of your lab diamond jewelry. As you read further, you’ll realize that it’s not just about the functionality of the bracelet clasp but also the look of it that makes it something you should take into consideration. 

Tennis bracelets

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Tennis Bracelets have that easy-to-carry vibe to them which makes them undeniably beautiful. A tennis bracelet will add to your charm while still maintaining the beauty of your outfit. These bracelets are made of a single line of diamonds, all similar in cut, clarity, and carat weight. Casual and glamorous, tennis bracelets are a great way to exude a subtle glamor wherever you go!

If you are constantly on the search for Earth Kind alternatives in jewelry  that match your sustainable values, check out our website Friendly Diamonds for the best quality lab diamond jewelry. Our lab diamonds are ethically sourced and sustainable down to their very core, with the added effect of the beautiful sparkle they provide. Read on to find which bracelet clasp would go best with your style.

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Types Of Bracelet Clasps

Bracelet clasps come in many forms and at the end of the day, it is your style and convenience you should keep in mind while selecting the perfect bracelet clasp for your lab diamond tennis bracelet. 

Tennis Bracelets

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Spring Ring Clasp

One of the smallest ring clasp designs, these rings are very effective in keeping your bracelet safe. These are perfect for lighter bracelets owing to their smaller design. Although delicate in nature, these clasps shouldn’t be overlooked. If you are a fan of minimalism, a spring ring clasp would be perfect for your style. Choose our Serene pear lab diamond tennis bracelet for that minimalist sparkle right up your alley.

Fold Over Clasp

These clasps are usually used for much bolder designs and larger bracelets. These fold over and snap to make the bracelet tighter. This clasp design is easy to put on single handed which is why it is one of the most popular bracelet clasps out there. 

Toggle Clasp

Straight forward in their design, toggle clasps have a straight piece that fits through a circular piece.  You can slip it  into the circle, which is then held in place by the weight of the piece.  They lend themselves to a specific look and would not be suitable for use on delicate or lightweight pieces. A toggle clasp is easy to secure one-handed, thus many people like them.

Lobster Clasp 

Lobster clasps are a variation on spring ring clasps. They are slightly larger and more elongated than spring ring clasps. However, as a result, they are significantly easier to use. Many people love lobster clasps on bracelets because they are secure, easy to apply, and very unobtrusive. A lobster clasp is less noticeable than a hook and eye clasp or a toggle clasp and will not interfere with the design of a more beautiful or delicate bracelet.

Hook And Eye Clasp

Hook and eye clasps have an endearing "S" shape threaded through a circle, similar to a toggle clasp. These can also be quite secure and quick to apply, but they must be used with bigger bracelet bands or they will appear out of place. They are more commonly used for necklaces than bracelets because they might cause a bracelet to become loose; slack is required for the hook and eye to function properly.

Matching Bracelet Clasps With Different Styles

When it comes to bracelet clasps, the number one thing you should consider is whether the bracelet clasp you’re choosing completely secures your bracelet or not. You can easily go for a spring ring clasp if the tennis bracelet you’re selecting is lightweight but when it comes to a bolder design, go for a fold-over clasp. 

Tennis Bracelets

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