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Wednesday, Jun 19 2024

Unveil Artistry and Precision Behind Different Jewelry Settings

Written by Shelby Montel

Unveil Artistry and Precision Behind Different Jewelry Settings

The fun of buying diamond jewelry lies in all the creative stuff that goes on behind the scenes of its making! We can’t deny that choosing the jewelry setting of your precious sparkle is quite an important task. From selecting the metal color to the cut of the diamond and the setting, we give you the upper hand in every decision. If you’ve spent a lot of time wondering about what jewelry setting to choose, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will tell you all about which jewelry setting you should choose from our website.

At Friendly Diamonds, we give you the choice of sustainability. You can make the ethical choice of lab diamond jewelry that is not only beautiful but also good for the planet. Read on to find the jewelry setting you should have your eyes on while selecting a jewelry piece for you.

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Why Should You Choose Lab Diamonds?

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Whether you want to buy loose lab diamonds in order to contribute to a greener planet or to own a sparkle that is affordable yet classy, there are no reasons as to not to invest in these lab grown beauties. Our lab diamonds are an example of excellent craftsmanship. 

Are you looking for a reason to buy lab diamonds? Let us help you out! They are easier on the budget and also a sustainable alternative to natural diamonds. These diamonds are also visually, chemically, and physically similar to their mined diamonds. If you want some additional information about these ethical dazzlers, why not explore our education page, where you get to know everything about lab diamonds

Why Are Jewelry Settings Important?

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You can’t deny that jewelry setting is one of the most important parts of making jewelry. When it comes to a diamond, there are many jewelry settings you can choose from. The reason why a setting matters when buying a piece of jewelry is because a jewelry setting can actually make the lab diamond in your jewelry sparkle better. 

You can choose from settings like prong, bezel, pavé, channel, and many more when making your jewelry purchase. At Friendly Diamonds, you can have a lab diamond fine jewelry piece customized to your liking by enjoying the bespoke fine jewelry option available on our website. 

All you have to do is simply provide us with the reference images for the customization you’re seeking. The designers will then create a 3D CAD model that you can review and approve for any further modifications. And there you’ll have it, your own bespoke fine jewelry with the setting of your choice. Read on to find out what jewelry setting you like the most.

Prong Setting

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One of the most classic jewelry settings, a prong setting offers minimal coverage of the diamond, allowing a brilliant play of light. This setting is one of the most timeless settings used in engagement rings. Why don’t you go for our four prong solitaire engagement ring this season? The prong setting of this engagement ring creates the prettiest play of light you’ll ever experience. 

If you’re looking for stud earrings that feature this setting, let us introduce you to the wonders of the Flora four prong lab diamond stud earring. The prongs of this earring do an excellent job of making the dazzle of this lab diamond even brighter. 

Bezel Setting

Are you a fan of all things traditional? Do you like a certain simplicity in your jewelry? Then we have the perfect setting for you! The bezel setting is one of the most secure, and minimalistic settings in rings. This is because a bezel setting covers the entire bottom part of the diamond. The simplicity of this setting makes it an easy choice for people who have a traditional taste. 

Your precious jewelry deserves protection, and we certainly agree! With a bezel setting, there is no risk of your precious lab diamond falling out of it. So, you can definitely rest assured. Choose from our wide range of fine jewelry that features bezel settings. You can go for our platinum bezel set lab diamond stud earrings or choose from a beautiful selection of bezel set engagement rings.

Pavé Setting

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When it comes to beauty, the French are known to do it well! The pavé setting has been termed after the French word for a pavement. One look at the setting, and it becomes clear why! In a pavé setting, small diamonds come together in rows to accentuate the central diamonds, adding a beautiful definition to the jewelry piece. This setting is also known to give a slight vintage touch to the jewelry. 

Do you adore this fancy setting? You can always select an engagement ring in a pavé setting, for instance our Grace micro pavé eternity ring! This ring features small diamonds, which is beautiful in an obvious way. This ring can be chosen in the metal color of your choice, be it rose gold, yellow gold, or enticing platinum.

Friendly Diamonds is your one-stop destination for the best lab diamond jewelry and loose diamonds online. We offer you some of the best designs for fine jewelry and engagement rings. If you’re searching for your dream jewelry that matches your values of sustainability while making your jewelry wardrobe shinier, choose from our wide range of stunning lab diamond jewelry. 

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