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Monday, Apr 01 2024

Diamond Jewelry Essentials You Must Have In Your Spring Wardrobe

Written by Shelby Montel

Diamond Jewelry Essentials You Must Have In Your Spring Wardrobe

When all things bloom, you must too! Spring is finally here, and for all of you who’ve been waiting patiently to dust out those old spring outfits (and buy some new ones), we have a few spring jewelry suggestions. If you’ve been keeping up with your spring shopping, don’t worry about your jewelry box – your spring jewelry sparkle needs have been taken care of. 

lab diamond is the Earth-kind and sustainable alternative to naturally mined diamonds, which are more often than not unethically sourced. At Friendly Diamonds, we provide a stunning range of lab grown diamond jewelry made to make you shine your best! Read on for a spring jewelry fashion guide that has all the sparkle you need.

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Floral Necklaces for Spring?


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Groundbreaking, we know! In the words of fashion’s devil incarnate, Miranda Priestley, florals may not be this spring’s breakout trend, but we say, why not? Spring has an obvious connection to all things that bloom, and your floral print dresses and tops will thank you for taking them out of your wardrobe this spring. Our Bianca solitaire spring necklace flaunts a stunning cushion cut diamond as its centerpiece, making it the perfect spring jewelry that will complement any floral outfit you decide to explore the outdoors in.

Blaze(r) It Up with Two Stones!

blazer drees up

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Take cues from your favorite Hollywood actresses and opt for a blazer this spring! What’s better than a well-fitted blazer saving you when there’s a chill in the spring air? Pair your cool-toned blazers with our range of scintillating two stone rings. Our Malena two stone ring has two beautiful diamonds that will double up your shine brightly this season as the perfect spring jewelry. A radiant cut and a pear cut diamond come together in this ring, symbolizing the unity of beauty and strength.

Be a Sport with Tennis Bracelets

tennis braclate

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Athleisure has never sounded better! Spring is the season when you come out of your shell. Style those tennis skirts kept safely in your wardrobe and twin the style with our tennis bracelets for a complete look. Who said sportswear is only for when you’re hitting the gym? Choose our Cecily round lab diamond tennis bracelet to add that sparkle to your spring sportswear. It features 73 scintillating round cut lab diamonds that will make it hard for anyone to turn their heads away from you.

Stud Earrings for Balletcore

stud earringes

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Balletcore took the internet by storm last year. Well, as it turns out, it has always stayed in the trend book (or what we call Instagram these days). Match your sturdy and comfortable ballet flats with a T-shirt or a dress—whatever strikes your fancy! And for the sparkle, go for our Twin Gleam lab diamond studs, a spring earring that features a radiant cut lab diamond placed alongside a brilliant round cut lab diamond. You can never go wrong with stud earrings, and as spring jewelry, they are the perfect dash of understated elegance to an otherwise casual outfit.

Explore our range of Earth-kind and eco-conscious lab diamonds that have been ethically sourced for you! 

To sparkle this spring!