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Friday, Mar 29 2024

Thinking Two Stones? Check Out These Amazing Toi et Moi Rings!

Written by Nicole Harper

Thinking Two Stones? Check Out These Amazing Toi et Moi Rings!

Two stones, one heart! This is what would exactly personify Toi et Moi engagement rings. And let us tell you that they are back in trend in all their glory. Two stone rings, whether worn as a fashion band, engagement ring, or anniversary ring, express a lot without saying anything. Well, the concept of two stone rings has been varying for different cultures throughout their history. 

They have conveyed a variety of concepts such as affection, companionship, unity, and balance. In ancient times, they were frequently exchanged as symbols of devotion and fidelity. Well, as you decide that you want to spend your forever with that special someone, you would want a ring that embodies your true feelings for them, right? 

With a vast array of styles available, it can be a tad bit difficult to decide which ring would be the perfect match for your relationship. If you are just starting with the whole process of shopping for different engagement rings, let us tell you that a style that truly highlights your relationship is the Toi et Moi engagement ring, because they are modern and a much fancier alternative to traditional engagement rings.  

These rings are definitely one of the most loved options available but read on to know more about what makes these rings truly special.

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A Quick History Lesson

As modern as it may look, the history of these rings dates back to 1714 to 1830 that would be during the Georgian era. This ring came into light and gained popularity after Napoleon Bonaparte proposed Josephine with a two stone ring that featured two diamonds set on a yellow gold band. Well, it is a fact known to almost every history buff that their relationship had to overcome many obstacles, which also included their family’s disapproval. However, after overcoming every obstacle they tied the knot.

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After this, the two stone ring and their love story became the talk of the town for the upcoming decades. Two stone rings were in the spotlight for the coming decades including Victorian and Edwardian eras. However, in recent times it regained popularity again when Hollywood celebrities donned two stone Toi et Moi engagement rings to announce their engagements with their partners.


As the name suggests, two stone rings mesmerizingly feature two diamonds set next to each other. This is the factor that made this ring popular among various decades. Now, as you might be already aware these rings are also known as the Toi et Moi engagement rings, which literally translates to ‘you and me’ in French. With that being said these rings symbolizes two souls coming together as one, be it in love or friendship.

Where and Why to Get a Two Stone Engagement Ring

While this design is typically connected with romantic love, its significance shifts with the years. As a result, the Toi et Moi rings are no longer just for couples; they may be worn by anybody.

If you are a lover of this design, here are some reasons why you should own one.

1. Forever in Style

If you’re a fashion-forward individual who enjoys being up-to-date with the current trends, then this ring is perfect for you! Additionally, it is one of the most popular models available, but its simplistic yet stylish design makes it ideal for both everyday and occasional use. Trust us, the two-stone ring will not go out of style anytime soon.

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2. Get Them Customized

The best thing that we would like to tell you is that you can get these rings customized as per your style preference. For example, each of the partners can choose a diamond shape that is special to them and get it set in their desired setting. Much like our Atana Two Stone Emerald and Pear Toi Et Moi Ring or Cecelia Two Stone Cushion and Pear Toi Et Moi Ring. By following this advice we assure you that your ring wouldn’t just be simply stunning but will have a meaning added to it.

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