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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Keeping Up With The Kim Kardashian Rings

Written by Edmar Hendricks

Keeping Up With The Kim Kardashian Rings

What do you get when a rap music icon and fashion designer asks a pop culture phenom and personality to be his wife? Well, you get the most popular, highly spoken celebrity, Kim Kardashian engagement rings worth millions of dollars! And we're not just talking about one ring; we're talking about two Kim Kardashian rings! But before we get to the Kim Kardashian engagement rings, let's look at how one of the world's power couples came to be.


The Beginnings of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim and Kanye West met first at the start of the 2000s when Kim's friend at the time, Brandy, was recording a song with Kanye West. They would sometimes see each other at the music recording studio and on the set of the song's video shoot but weren't actual friends. Kanye couldn't even pronounce Kim's second name right and referred to her as "Kardajan' when talking to his friends about her. This happened in 2003 before Kim Kardashian was in the spotlight.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim and Kanye: The Friendship

Kim and Kanye then met on a tv pilot for a show called ‘Alligator Boots’. During this time, Kim K and Kanye became friends and started hanging out more often. This happened a year after Keeping up with the Kardashians telecasted its first season, and Kim K's popularity was on the rise. Two years later, in 2010, Kanye then made his debut in an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, where he visited Kim and Khloe Kardashian's fashion store in New York. In the episode, Kim spoke about how she and Kanye had been friends for a long time and that she respected Kanye's fashion sense and style and wanted him to come to look at the store.

Friendship Taking a Leap

In 2011, Kim married basketball player Kris Humphries. Not that they were romantically involved at the time, but Kanye used to joke around and send Kim photos of other basketball players he considered cool who he thought turned boring with age. Kim's marriage to Kris lasted just 72 days, and since she wasn't in the best of spirits, Kanye invited Kim to his fashion show in Paris. Kim accepted the invitation, and it was during this time that Kim felt connected to Kanye. From this point onwards, in October 2011, their friendship would turn into something more. By 2012, the power couple announced to the world that they were expecting their first child. By 2013, North West, their first child was born. In October of the same year, Kanye proposed to Kardashian in one of the greatest proposals of all time.

The Proposal

Kim's proposal was of epic proportions. It took place on her 33rd birthday at the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium. Yes, Kanye West booked the entire stadium, had an orchestra playing, and the big jumbotron display in the stadium read the words, "Will You Marry Me?". Kanye honored Kim Kardashian with a Lorraine Schwartz 15-carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring. The ring, as experts estimate, is estimated to be worth $8 million! Kim and Kanye’s friends and family also joined in the celebration after Kim accepted Kanye’s wedding proposal.

The Proposal

The Kim Kardashian Engagement Rings

When talking about celebrity engagement rings, the Kim Kardashian engagement rings are an absolute stunner. We're not talking about just one ring; we're talking about two Kim Kardashian rings, because Kanye West is known for doing the unexpected, and he did so when gifting his beau with two rings. Designer Lorraine Schwartz created the first Kim Kardashian engagement ring. Kanye spent a long time getting every detail of the diamond ring right. The cushion cut diamond was set on a diamond pavé band, adding a glistening effect to the ring. The couple tied the knot in May 2014. Two years later, In 2016, Kanye upgraded the Kim Kardashian engagement ring with a 20-carat diamond. The second of the Kim Kardashian engagement rings was crafted with an emerald-cut diamond estimated at $4 million. The ring, however, was stolen during Kim's time in Paris.

The Kim Kardashian Engagement Rings

The End of Kim & Kanye Era

After six years of marriage, Kim filed for divorce in Feb 2021. By March 2022, the couple was officially divorced. And Kim got to keep her engagement rings as part of the divorce settlement. Both the Kim Kardashian rings, as mentioned above, cost $12 million dollars when put together. But when it comes to your engagement ring, you should know that you'd be able to obtain rings of similar styles at budget-friendly prices. Friendly Diamonds is an online lab-diamond jewelry store based in New York and delivering all over the world that allows you to customize your engagement ring and plan your big surprise proposal. You get to choose your diamond shape, ring setting and complete your ring with a unique engraving. And if you have any doubts, the brand gets you connected with their in-house gemologist and ring specialist to guide you at every step.