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Thursday, Feb 15 2024

Style and Substance: A Deep Dive into 14 Karat White Gold's Elegance

Written by Nicole Harper

Style and Substance: A Deep Dive into 14 Karat White Gold's Elegance

You may often need help deciding which hue and what karat gold suits your jewelry the best. Common questions such as, “Is my choice of gold sturdy?” “What if it is not pure?” and “Can it be affordable?” come to mind while buying it. Along with that, a lack of information can often lead to confusing purchases.

But you have come to the right place so fret not! We have noticed that in recent years, white gold jewelry has gained an extreme amount of popularity because of the minimalist trend. We are going to focus on 14 karat white gold, as it is the most common variation of white gold.

This blog has the answers to almost all the myths about 14 karat white gold while also talking about why it is a great choice for custom-making your diamond jewelry.

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Benefits of 14 Karat White Gold

Gold by itself is a very soft metal but 14 karat white gold is a blend of different alloys that makes it durable and an amicable choice. Now if you question its purity and wonder if you should even get it because it's not entirely gold, then let us guide you as to why this is better. 

If your jewelry is made of pure gold, it probably will not be very sturdy. Due to it being a soft metal, as mentioned earlier, the mixture of other metals such as zinc, copper, and rhodium makes it an ideal purchase. This way, your jewelry will not bend due to the slightest effect. 

14 karat white gold is also friendlier on your pocket than metals like platinum or 18kt white gold, giving you the same silver-like radiant finish that the other two provide. The pro of choosing this metal would be that it would reflect on your pocket, making it happy.

Please note: While 14kt white gold is better for your pocket, platinum provides anti-allergic properties and brings something unique to the table as well.

How to Style 14 Karat White Gold with Your Favorite Product

14 karat white gold jewelry will pair with many, if not all, ensembles. For example, a white gold solitaire pendant can be worn at brunches and casual events. The minimal glam these pendants bring would definitely be an add-on that represents elegance in the most subtle manner. If you have a meeting to attend, a diamond ring paired with stud earrings on a black shirt and beige pants would also be an attractive look. Let your collar button stay open while you flaunt a little of your beauty bones, and the diamonds will do all the talking. 

You can also pair a 14 karat white gold tennis necklace and bracelet together and go all out, making a statement that showcases your dynamic personality.

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Feel free to style these types of jewelry however you like; there are no hard and fast rules to being yourself. As long as you have your dazzling persona with you, you need nothing else but your confident self to make an appearance and be the spotlight of any event.

Shop, Customize & Flaunt Your Jewelry with Friendly Diamonds

Pairing 14 karat white gold can be easier than you would think. They go well with all kinds of diamond jewelry, so don’t second guess the product you choose to go with this type of metal. 

For instance, if you customize with us, you can select “create your own ring” on the Friendly Diamonds website. If you’re looking for something sophisticated and extravagant at the same time, you can opt for the diamond of your choice in the next step as well. Whether it is a classic or a fancy shape, the ring can be customized according to your preference. You can further select a 14 karat white gold band for the “choice of metal.” With this, you can also choose to customize the style of the ring, engrave it, and make it truly personal. The same procedure can be followed for other products, such as earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces.

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At Friendly Diamonds, we believe our customers can truly be happy if they get exactly what they wish for. For this purpose, we offer not only customization but also bespoke creations. It allows you to send in your inspiration to us so that our expert craftsmen can replicate and materialize your ideas into reality. So don’t just buy it; cherish it.