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Friday, Feb 16 2024

Famous Diamond Jewelry from Fiction and Fantasy That Ignite Your Imagination

Written by Jason Kirk

Famous Diamond Jewelry from Fiction and Fantasy That Ignite Your Imagination

Lights, Camera, Diamonds!

If you think about it, there are countless films in which famous jewelry plays a leading role. After all, sparkling stones like diamonds are portrayed as a symbol of love, glamour, and desire. It does not matter whether it is set in an engagement ring or a fascinating necklace. Whenever a diamond makes its way on camera, it is a sure-shot bet that the movie will be full of heat and excitement. And who doesn’t want to watch such fire radiate from these gems? 

We all know that films and books have the power to teleport us into several places; believe it or not, fiction is absolutely magical. The attention to detail in fiction is breathtaking, and let’s just be honest, we all have a soft spot for these dazzling pieces. What if we tell you that you can make these bespoke pieces of jewelry that feel like they were delivered straight from the screen?

Without further ado, let us dive into this blog, which features some of the most iconic and famous diamond jewelry pieces that have captured our hearts and left us in awe.

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Marilyn’s Jewelry from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The 1953 movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is possibly one of the most iconic movies starring the forever-style icon Marilyn Monroe. By far, the jewelry style in this movie is one of the most iconic on-screen pieces. The necklace worn by Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei Lee during her “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” song has become synonymous with the golden age of Hollywood. The first is a tennis necklace featuring pear-shaped and round-shaped diamonds. Following that, the second necklace is a choker with a center oval-shaped diamond with round brilliant diamonds and two halos surrounding it.

The necklaces weren’t the only famous jewelry pieces that caught our eye. We have a soft spot for this gorgeous pear-shaped diamond ring worn by Marilyn. The diamond on the ring was one of the biggest to appear on screen in the 1950s. This particular piece of dazzler still impresses everyone around the world. Just like us, we are on the same page if you have a soft spot for this kind of famous jewelry.


We know that, somewhere down the line, even you would’ve thought of buying similar famous jewelry and donning it for every occasion in sight. However, looking for the perfect retailer to create similar jewelry can be difficult. What if we tell you there is a place where you can get this bespoke jewelry made from scratch? Well, you guys would have to wait until the end of this blog. 

“The Notebook” Proposal Ring

Our all-time favorite on-screen love story doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the proposal. We can’t point the finger at what we liked more; was it the romantic scene, the beautiful ring, or the custom-made silver box for the ring? In regards to the ring, the beautiful piece features an impressive emerald cut diamond with smaller baguette-shaped diamond clusters on each side. The diamonds that are set on the ring are in set form.

The ring style perfectly fits the twenties era, but we believe that it has a universal and timeless appeal. We know that you can never go wrong with a radiant, well-cut emerald diamond for your ring. If you liked the movie as much as we did, then we are 100% sure, without any doubt, you will love this ring.

emerald diamond

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“High Society” Ring that Makes One Go Gaga!

Good lord, in this movie, Grace Kelly looks charming like she always has, but the ring is even more special because she was wearing her own engagement ring. The center stone is an emerald cut diamond on a platinum band. This is by far one of the most spectacular engagement rings imaginable and it is also one of the most famous jewelry that people love today!


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“Ocean’s 8” Necklace that is Fit for Royalty

One magnificent piece of famous jewelry is at the heart of the Ocean’s 8 Gala heist, worn by Anne Hathaway. The necklace features gigantic diamonds set in white gold, that exude charm and brilliance. The necklace was originally designed in the year 1931 for the Maharaja of Nawanagar. It was then reduced in size by 15%-20 % to adjust Anne Hathaway’s neck measurements because the necklace was made for a man. This necklace was named “Jeanne Toussaint” as a tribute to the bold and creative director responsible for Cartier's identity and style throughout the 1930s. 

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“Fifty Shades Darker” Radiant Engagement Ring

Those who read the book know that despite “not being a hearts and flowers kind of man,” Christian Grey still covers the room with what else other than hearts and flowers, quite literally! He presents a massive oval cut diamond engagement ring that is cradled by four prongs. The band of the ring was as sparkly as Mr. Grey and Anastasia Steele's love story. Not only the proposal scene but also the movie left us feeling butterflies in our stomachs.


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The Necklace from “To Catch a Thief”

Grace Kelly graced our screens wearing this iconic and famous jewelry that still tops the wishlist of every necklace lover. The Nightly Necklace worn by her in “To Catch a Thief” was a piece of imitation jewelry both in the movie as well as in real life. We believe that this necklace definitely made a strong impression on every person who ever looked at it, regardless of its origin.


Bella Swan’s Marvelous Engagement Ring

Every cinematic fiction lover's first encounter with a vampire was through the movie franchise Twilight, which has captivated the audience to date. If you have read the book series, you will know how beautifully Stephenie Meyer described Bella’s engagement ring, which went on to become one of the most famous jewelry in the 2010s. The ring is a 14-carat white gold ring with 69 different diamonds set in a pave style setting. The ring became an important symbol throughout the movie, representing the eternal bond between Bella and Edward. 

The Lucky Mockingjay Pin

While mentioning famous jewelry in the world of fiction, how can we forget the Mockingjay Pin that has graced the cover of each of the three Hunger Games novels and has successfully brought brooches back into mainstream fashion? 

The trilogy’s heroine, Katniss, wears the pin as a personal good luck charm. The mockingjay bird on the brooch represented one that emerged from a botched Capitol project. It also serves as a constant reminder of Capitol’s shortcomings and raises the potential for a rebellion. This piece of famous jewelry is both vulnerable and beautiful at the same time. We are sure of the fact that every Hunger Games fan will want to get their hands on this particular famous jewelry.

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